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MOR. 8 (Thailand)


Genre: Drama/Comedy
Director: Yongyut Pinijpong
Starring: Pratcharasri Benchamas, Meeksuke Jangmeesuke, Artikant Noonpukdee
Rating: PG
Year Made: 2007




Languages: Thai
Subtitles: English/Chinese
Running Time: 1 hr 53 mins
Format: VCD

Distributor: Innoform Media




A heart warming, yet funny story of a first co-ed school where boys and girls are merged to study in the same class for the first time. The difference between boys and girls bring such a big headache to the two teachers, Ms. Sompat and Ms. Gaysorn, so they try to teach the students many lessons of life and living. But these two female teachers that were sent with the girls are not sure what to make of the advances made to them by the teachers of the boys’ school. Confusion, chaos and hormones abound, the school prepares for the groundbreaking merger. Will the girls subdue the boys or will the boys break the girls? Will love blossom and if so who will it blossom for first? The teachers or the students?


When an idea is mooted by the Ministry of Education to send a class of girls and their teachers to an all boys school as a seed for the formation of a co-ed school, you can almost be sure of pandemonium amongst the ranks, from the principals right down to the students. But of course, school politics aside, this is actually a comedy of sorts, one that tried too hard to please.

Set in 1957 Thailand, you'd come to expect the usual from a movie about life in high school, with the usual ghost stories, rowdy boys, studious girls, and just about every cliche that you can think about, get thrown around. It's quite like the usual settings and dramatic material that even a local television series starring Chen Liping would be hard pressed not to be different. The story, if there is one, centers on two female teachers, Miss Sompat (Pratcharasri Benchamas) and Miss Gaysorn (Meesuke Jangmeesuke), best of friends but yet rivals in various aspects like popularity amongst students, and the much dreaded romantic subplot that slowly muscled its way through.

Girls being introduced into a class full of boys is fodder enough for teenage romance to brew, except that what happened here is the forgoing of the creation of any memorable characters amongst the students. They are as cardboard as students can get, and frankly, you can't be more than bothered if they pass or fail their exams. Miss Sompat, being the slightly less attractive teacher than Miss Gaysorn, sees green obviously when teachers and even the principal shower their attention on her, again with the usual lecherous few, and there's this really long drawn out saga about love letters getting passed around, that you'd soon prefer for someone to tear them all up and move the story on.

I'd had expect things to pick up when Miss Sompat slowly inches her way to positions of power, and given that her character had potential to develop into something meatier, such as with her misguided principles, but alas, this gets reduced to melodramatic tear-jerky moments which lack oomph, and the finale for making amends to lift the movie, goes down the drain. Miss Gaysorn on the other hand, was quite the flower vase with her lovely smile used to disarm and entice men into doing her favours, but I guess this being a PG rated movie, there's no avenue for vampish, trashy behaviour in milking looks for unfair advantage.

Mor8 contains many situations which are quite artificially plastered together to make some semblance of a movie. It's done quite haphazardly, and there certainly are aspects of it that can be tightened, and would have been more palatable if there were some mature storytelling and situations thrown in. The art direction is almost flawless though, transporting you to a believable 1950s, but unfortunately the story doesn't live up to that technicality.

Comedy in itself, as touted, would be nice, but only if they genuinely make you laugh out loud. Mor.8 is neither inspirational, nor funny, though extremely safe for the family as entertainment to pass time only.


Review by Stefan Shih


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