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Starring: Rungravee Brijindakul, Pete Thongchua
Director: Manop Udomdej
Rating: NC16 (Some Disturbing Scenes)
Year Made: 2005


VCD Format (2 Discs)
Subtitles: English & Chinese
Running Time: 1 hr 40 mins
Distributor: InnoForm Media



At north of Thailand, a group of archeologists found an old wooden box that looks related to spiritual ceremonies. On their way back, the box dropped accidentally & black magic unleashes, all members were found suspiciously dead.

Kwanpailin who is a writer goes to Chiang Mai for her book promotion and she brings along this wooden box. It starts haunting her since the very first sight in possession. In a meeting with her boyfriend – Witoon, Kwanpailin has hallucination and respond with acts of psychological illness.

Witoon is not convinced that black magic is involved. When Nida suddenly got blood toxic, Kwanpailin is still not convinced that any voodoo involved with her editor’s death. Once Aunt Sai – the maid who kept warning Kwanpailin about the ghost gecko – was found dead in shockingly horrified gesture, everything goes irremediable!

How soon will Witoon realize the way to help his girlfriend with supports of supernatural power? Will there be any way to demolish this irreversible curse?


We hate to sound superfluous in our reviews, but we have to say this: the picture on the cover of the disc of this Thai movie is worth at least half a star. Where else can you find a cover as, well, how should we put it, as creepily silly as this?

And we haven’t even commented on the title yet.

Two simple words “lizard woman” sums up about everything you need to know about this 2004 movie.

The story tells of a writer who goes to Chiang Mai to promote her new book. She becomes involved with an angry gecko spirit, and all hell breaks loose when people around her begin dying in the most grisly manners. Soon, she becomes possessed herself.

In our humble opinion, Thailand is one of the best countries to tell supernatural stories about black magic and vengeful spirits. And this horror flick does send a few chills down our spines with its disturbingly grotesque images. Lizards leaping into victims’ mouths, women screaming in madness and vomiting some gross liquids and the titular “lizard woman” crouched on a lamp post feeding on flies – these are just some of the surprises we got from watching this 100-minute movie.

While this Manop Udomdej-directed vehicle may please fans of supernatural flicks, it still suffers from an uneven pacing, and repetition of scares which feel pointless after a while.

The production values can be improved to make the scares more spine-tingling too. Some effects in this movie feel low-budget, and may induce laughs rather than scares. One aspect worth commending is the movie’s sound design. Creaking doors, beastly growls and lizard squeaks are engineered to good effect.

We would not give a fail rating to this movie, because it does provide a fair bit of entertainment value and some genuinely disturbing and eerie moments. On the other hand, we also do not want to sound as if we are fans of this mediocre production.

So the three-star rating you see for this review is a combination of a two-and-a-half-star rating for the movie, and the other half a star for, yes, like we mentioned at the beginning of this review, the outrageous disc cover of the lizard woman.


Review by John Li


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This review is made possible with the kind support from InnoForm


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