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Starring: Shawn Lee, Eric Huang, Cheryl Chan, Chen Chuxuan
Director: Sam Png
Rating: PG
Year Made: 2007


VCD Format
Subtitles: English & Chinese
Running Time: 1 hr 10 mins
Distributor: InnoForm Media



Liang Jiahui has been living in misery due to his inferiority complex. He has been secretly in love with a very pretty classmate, Yangyang. His only friend, Liu Chengguang has a mother and a girlfriend, Xiaoxi who love him very much.

One day, Chengguan passed away in a car accident. Chengguang's mother, Xiaoxi and Jiahui became very miserable. As Jiahui wastes his life away in his home, a ray of orange light, Orange decides to leave his home, "The Light World" after being bored of his daily routine. Orange came to Earth for a holiday and assumed Chengguan's appearance. Orange brought along with him the warmth shared between family, friends and lovers, helping people to carry on living.


The kids from Jack Neo’s runaway hit “I Not Stupid” are back, and boy, I can’t bring myself to call them kids anymore: look at how much they have grown!

It was 2002 when Singaporeans were introduced to an ensemble of adorable kids in Neo’s satire on the local education system. Fast forward five years later - production company J Team reunites some of them in a hope that audiences will again be touched by their earnest performances.

Shawn Lee retains his likeable persona to play mystical ray of orange light (we don’t know to guffaw or to be impressed by the scriptwriter’s creativity) from a rainbow to descend upon Earth. He takes on the form of a human and helps a depressed boy played by Eric Huang to get over some personal miseries. Along the way, the ray of light (it sure sounds strange!) falls in love, and experiences human emotions.

Woah. All that in 70 minutes?

Truth be told, this television movie-like production is worth your time, simply because of the enjoyably pleasant casting.

After a few big screen outings in films like Homerun (2003) and I Not Stupid Too (2006), as well as countless other television productions, you can sense Lee’s increasing confidence in portraying his character. He is definitely one local leading man (face it, he is growing out of his boy-hood very soon) worth nurturing.

Our very own Daniel Radcliffe, anyone?

On the other hand, there is Eric Huang, who sports a funny Paul Twohill hairdo, which distracted us from his performance. It is difficult not to notice his fringe which perpetually covers one of his eyes. The Taiwan-born actor spouts articulate Mandarin, and he is definitely not the sad fat kiddo you remember from I Not Stupid.

The two supporting female characters (Cheryl Chan and Chen Chuxuan) fare just fine in this Sam Png-directed, Boris Boo-produced movie.

Elsewhere, there are still the blatant product placements which we have gotten so used to in local mainstream movies. But one thing for sure, there isn’t much of a political stab at any policy or system, which is a nice change from so many other local works.

Other than the kids who have grown up and changed, this is one change we welcome as well.


Review by John Li


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This review is made possible with the kind support from InnoForm


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