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Starring: Rungrawan Tonahonsa, Kotchakorn Supakarnkijkul
Director: Komgrit Triwimol
Rating: PG
Year Made: 2006




Subtitles: Chinese & English
Running Time: 1 hr 39 mins
Format: VCD
Distributor: Innoform Media




The plucky Noo Hin is a young woman with a knack for getting into trouble in her rural village in northeastern Thailand, and the villagers feel there is cause to celebrate when she sets out by rail from Isaan to find work in a factory in Bangkok. However, upon arrival, she finds her choice limited to working in a rat trap factory, or becoming a maid for a rich family, she chooses the latter. Noo Hin prefers to consider herself the "house manager" for the family, which includes the beautiful and sexy daughters Milk and Som-O. Soon Noo Hin instigates more commotion when she secretly enters the two of them in a modeling contest but finds the son of the major sponsor of the event secretly taking pictures of Milk in her dressing room. To protect Milk, Noo Hin must get into trouble again…


Pardon us, but this first paragraph of the review isn’t about this Komgrit Triwimol-directed Thai movie that brands itself as a “super wacky comedy”. It is, in fact, about this humble website – four complete seconds of this VCD has been dedicated to moviexclusive.com’s corporate logo! Whoa!

Back to the movie, this 2006 picture based on a popular Thai comedy is indeed wacky, and most of the time, hilariously comical. The story tells of a not-so-attractive-looking Noo Hin who keeps getting into all sorts of troubles. When she goes to the city to find work, misadventures ensue, not to the surprise of this reviewer though – how else can this movie be “wacky” if everything became dead serious for the village girl?

If you do not expect too much in terms of production values, this 99-minute movie does have its charming moments. Check out the scenes where the cast breaks into songs and dances: complete with some well-choreographed steps. Check out the cutesy animation that makes its appearance five minutes into the movie: you’d be chuckling at its absurdity.

Playing the titular character is goofy-looking Rungrawan Tonahongsa, who bagged the Best Actress for this role at the 2007 Thailand National Film Association Awards. Her endearing portrayal of the village girl gets our vote for being able to lighten up gloomy days too. The comic moments are spot-on, and anyone with a sense of humor will be sniggering at the embarrassing situations and giggling at the thwarting setups.

Interestingly, Noo Hin chooses to be a maid in this movie, and certain issues like prejudice and narrow-mindedness are especially prevalent to us Singapore viewers. Also striking a chord is a particular scene where Noo Hin enviously stares at a poster on the wall. The star is none other than our very own Jacintha Abisheganaden – talk about national pride!


Review by John Li


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This review is made possible with the kind support from InnoForm


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