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Starring: Udom Taephanich Visa Sarasas
Director: Ping Lumprapleng
Rating: NC-16 (Some Nudity)
Year Made: 2007


VCD Format (2 Discs)
Subtitles: English & Chinese
Running Time: 1 hr 30 mins
Distributor: InnoForm Media



Rong, a comedy scriptwriter marries Daeng his childhood sweetheart. For years, their marriage seems to be picture perfect but it is now showing signs of being on the rocks. Daeng feels that her husband has become neglectful, lazy and different from when they exchanged their vows. Rong is not solely at fault as Daeng has also changed over the years. Married life has taken its toll on the couple. But neither of them wants to give up this relationship and they will do almost anything to keep it alive including holding back any feelings they may have for another person.


There is a scene in this Thai movie which struck a chord with us. Rong, the male protagonist asks for a glass of iced coffee. His wife, Daeng, goes off-screen and returns with one and pours it over his head. His response?

“Good thing I didn’t ask for hot coffee.”

That is kind of sweet, if you ask us. But there must be a reason why she did that to him. Here’s why: she has just found out that he visited a massage parlor, and probably is fooling around behind her back.

Hold on, that is not the complete picture yet. After a few years, the couple isn’t exactly leading the happiest married life. The wife has also been seeing her handsome gynecologist, without the husband knowing of course. So all is fair in the game of love and marriage? Not exactly - because you’d be empathizing more with the husband in the movie’s 90-minute runtime.

Call us superficial, but when Rong isn’t the most good-looking lad with his big nose and pot belly, Daeng does not have the incentive to stay happy with him. She does not find his repeated attempts to be funny amusing too. It is quite sad then, considering that he is a comedy scriptwriter.

The Ping Lumprapleng-directed movie does provide reflective moments which make you wonder what love and marriage is all about. And to a single reviewer like this one, the viewing experience is indeed meaningful.

Then there are the interesting and creative plot “twists” which actually commends on the filmmakers cleverness at engaging us audiences. One moment you think that Daeng has died from an accident, and the ghostly images that Rong subsequently sees are going to turn the movie into a horror flick. But no, the filmmakers actually have some interesting stuff in store for you. We’d not spoil it for you here, of course.

Playing the leads are the goofy Udom Taephanich as Rong and the elegant Visa Sarasas as Daeng. Their unique chemistry is worth your time too.

If anything else, this 2006 movie is recommended for its sincere look at relationships, whether you are married or not, whether you are in love or not.


Review by John Li


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