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  Publicity Stills of "Poltergay"
(Courtesy from Shaw)

In French with English Subtitles
Director: Eric Lavaine
Cast: Clovis Cornillac, Julie Depardieu, Lionel Abelanski, Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus, Jean-Michel Lahmi, Philippe Duquesne, Georges Gay, Alain Fromager, Anne Caillon
RunTime: 1 hr 32 mins
Released By: Shaw & Festive Films
Rating: M18 (Sexual Scenes)
Official Website: www.festivefilms.com/poltergay

Opening Day: 16 August 2007


When Marc and Emma move into their new house, they have no idea that in the 1970s, their basement was a gay nightclub which had been destroyed by fire and that the house itself is now haunted by the ghosts of five gay and mischievous clubbers. Marc can see them. Emma can't. In the end, Marc's "visions" cause Emma to walk out on him. Touched by the poor guy's distress, the ghosts decide to help him win Emma back. In return, Marc frees them from the house and helps them to discover the 21st century fever!

Movie Review:

If there’s one thing the French are better at than the folks over at Hollywood, it’s creativity. You may think that they are only capable of making art films which appeal to the high brow, but who would have thought that they could add such an interesting twist to a supernatural comedy?

Ghosts who are gay – such ingenious minds!

A man moves into a mansion with his wife and experiences encounters of the third kind. The creepy (or rather funny in this case) thing is, he is the only person who can see the gay ghosts. A poltergeist then enlightens him on the reason for that, and it is one that will make anyone with a sense of humor chuckle in glee.

Director Eric Lavaine brings Hector Cabello Reyes’s story to the big screen with an energetic amount of zest and effective spot-on comedy moments, which will tickle the mainstream audience. Couples that with the jest performances by the five spirits, the psychedelic costume design and a rollicking soundtrack which includes Boney M’s “Rasputin” and you’d enjoy 93 minutes of good-natured fun.

Gay jokes are aplenty in this comedy flick, but it does not mean that the movie will only attract the niche crowd of gay viewers, and that is because the picture is so campy and colorful, any gag that along will make you laugh out loud.

The spirits may not be distinguished, nor are they given substantial character development, but you’d find yourself rooting for the endearing male owner of the house played by Clovis Cornillac (A Very Long Engagement). After repeated pestering by the spirits, having his wife leaving him, going to see a psychologist to examine his sexual tendencies, and most hilariously, going to gay pubs to pick up men, you’ll be empathizing with the poor chap’s misfortune.

The movie also ups the fun factor by incorporating several creative computer animation and graphics into certain scenes. And although they are not your typical Hollywood big-budget effects, you’d still appreciate the cutesy feel of the occasional fairy sparkles and sprinkles.

This movie may be French, but it is definitely not the heavy-going, slow-moving art genre you’d normally expect. It does not even have any deep message or theme to discuss or explore. In all sense of the word, it will give you a gay and fun night out at the movies.

Movie Rating:

( An accessible and enjoyable French flick for everyone)

Review by John Li

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