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TIFF 2008
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Coverage of 21st Singapore International Film Festival

Congratulation to all the winners of FOREVER ENTHRALLED preview contest. Here's some selective bits from our lucky winners:

Think it is a typical "artistic" movie, where the flow is slow and flat.
2 Stars - Han Boon Wee

Good effort by Chen Kaige. Though this was not as impactful as "Farewell My Concubine", the performance of some of the actors (the young Mei Lan Fang, Mei's buddy Qiu Rubai, Mei's wife Fu Zhifang and Mei's mentor Swallow 13 were commendable.
Chan Ying Yen

The movie flow was slow. This movie allows me to understand the life story of one of CHina's legendary opera actors and had gained my respect for opera industry again. I was impressed in the first segment of the movie with how young Mei thrive to success. At the same time, waiting for Leon lai to appear to bring more climax, but somehow, climax wasnt reached. It could be due to the movie flow since this whole movie was a summarised life story of Mei.
3.5 Stars - Chew Mei Jun

The show is relatively slow paced and lengthy. However, was able to understand more of China's history and opera art.
Not as boring as many had thought it to be as there are some funny parts scenes.

3.5 Stars - Loo Wai Mun

Congratulation to all the winners of VALKYRIE preview contest. Here's some selective bits from our lucky winners:

The climax of the movie never really reaches it's peak. There are several scene that is hilarious and to have a good laugh at. It gives the protagonist and other supporting characters a lot of time for it's character development, thus the movie has a good emotional scene towards the ending. Overall this is a very good movie.
4 Stars - Andy Lim Tian Rong

The movie was great! It was captivating and action packed, and it made me feel for the main character Colonel Stauffenberg - I had to close my eyes at the part where his plan started to fall apart, that was how much the movie could make me feel.
4 Stars - Gwendoline Sim

The ending plot is not good ...cos i thought they will win the battle.
3 Stars -
Chua Yee Piau

The movie was a bit slow in the beginning, but the tension was so intense towards the end, I felt that it effectively brought out the chracterizations of the German soldiers.
3.5 Stars -
Ng Hui Ming

I truly like valkyrie very much. I like the sound impact in the movie. The storyline in this movie is quite well done. It is quite touching at the last part of this movie when they have failed in their action and resulting they have death sentence. It leds the audience have the strong feeling of the patriotism of their countries and the welfare of humans.
4.5 Stars -
Lim Hock Keong

Congratulation to all the winners of THE SPIRIT preview contest. Here's some selective bits from our lucky winners:

The Spirit is very much like reading the comic, with larger than life characters and scenes. Starts slowly but builds up to an explosive end.
2.5 Stars - Regina Eng

Not as enjoyable as Sin City, but Samuel L. Jackson's theatrical and campy performance makes up for it
3 Stars - Darryl Li

Spirit is a comedy, certain parts of the movie is funny with their scipt, on the whole, the movie is quite enjoyable.
2.5 Stars - Wong Kok Keen

watch for the eye candy. eva mendes is such a babe! it was quite draggy at parts but overall i think it wasnt that bad although i didnt like the monochrome theme very much. it felt like i was watching an old film.
3 Stars - Grace Goh

The movie wasn't very good largely because I felt that it was abit too draggy. The dialogue, as much as it wanted to be metaphorical didn't deliever the effects and some just didn't make sense at all. There wasn't much intriguing action in the film also. The 1st fight between the Octopus and the spirit got way too draggy and I was begging for it to end already even if it was the Spirit who got defeated.
There was much potential for a better depiction of the storyline from the childhood flashback but other than that, there wasn't much things about this movie that left much of an impression. Maybe the enduring pain to finish watching it.
2 Stars - Low Hui Long

What a disaster movie it is....."The Sprit" should lie dead in the coffin instead!!! I think this movie is definitely going to join "The Happening" as one of the worst movies in 2008.
Coleman Chan


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