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Starring: Blackie Chen, Winnie Chien, Terence Yin
Director: Sampson Yuen
Rating: NC-16
Year Made: 2006




Subtitles: Chinese & English
Running Time: 1 hr 32 mins
Format: VCD
Distributor: Innform Media




Nile and Charlie is a pair of conmen. On Charlie's instigation, Nile will assume different personalities to attract and cheat her prospect "husbands". Once, the pair managed to cheat a wealthy man of his family heirloom.

Nile befriended a photographer, Yang Shukui. At the same time, the police are hot on their heels. While escaping, they found out that Shukui comes from a rich family. This finding prompted the pair to cheat again.

During her mission, Nile fell in love with Shukui and is caught in between Shukui and Charlie who also loves her. A shocking finding helps Nile decides.


This movie reeks of a typical Taiwanese television serial. The only difference is that it squeezes a potential 20-episode story into 92 minutes. And we mean that as a good thing.

Sampson Yuan directs Blackie Chen, Winnie Chien (fans of Taiwanese variety shows and idol dramas would know the duo) and Terence Yin (New Police Story, Rob-B-Hood) in this inconsequential picture about a pair of con artists who cheat and lie for a living. Along comes Yin’s suave character and Chien falls in love with the good-looker.

Everything about this movie (it probably was televised on local stations when it was released) feels like a typical TV movie. The pretty stars strut about in their pretty wardrobe (check out the long list of wardrobe sponsors during the credits), spouting uninspired dialogue that only serves to extend the already sluggish pace. The filmmakers go about capturing shots of pretty bird parks, zoos, beaches and resorts (check out the long list of location sponsors during the credits) so that the pretty stars can strut their stuff.

Nuff’ said.

A check with Yuan’s previous works includes producer roles for several Singaporean drama serials like Always On My Mind (2003) starring Fann Wong and Ice Sweeper (2000) starring Li Nanxing. It looks like he handles serials dealing with heavier dramatic elements.

The problem with his latest work probably lies with the contrived attempt at being hip and trendy. Instead of contributing to the story, the flashy edits, the funky dance soundtrack and the mediocre actors trying their best to look intense only made us irritated.

This is probably one movie meant for girls who like to swoon over handsome actors and boys who like to feast their eyes on cute actresses.


Review by John Li


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