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Starring: Pitisak Yoawananont, Ploy Jindachot
Director: Yuthlert Sippapak
Rating: PG
Year Made: 2006


VCD Format (2 Discs)
Subtitles: English & Chinese
Running Time: 1 hr 40 mins
Distributor: InnoForm Media



Sao is a beautiful nurse with a horrifying secret. By day, she is a kind, gentle caregiver but by night, she suffers under a curse which transforms her into a hideous demon. Sao meets a handsome but disabled hospital porter named Num. They seem to have some natural affinity and a gentle romance develops.

A young girl who sells roses on the hospital grounds finds a box containing an old torn photograph of a nurse and a soldier. Sao is struck by their similarity to Num and herself and decides to investigate. Is there some karmic bond between them? Before she can tell Num about the picture, he is involved in an accident that renders him mute and paralyzed. Lack of funds makes it impossible for the hospital to take care of the bedridden Porter. But in a desperate bid to learn the truth behind the bizarre photograph Sao decides to personally nurse him back to health...


Here is another disc with a cover that cracks us up, like Manop Udomdej’s Lizard Woman (2004) before it. This one features a woman’s floating head, carefully photoshop-ed onto a bloody human organ. Behind it is a man who looks like he is waiting for his loved one to return.

We seriously do not know whether this design is supposed to make us laugh, or evoke sentimental feelings from the cynics in us.

The story does sound kind of romantic though. A pretty nurse starts her new job in a hospital and is popular with most of her colleagues, male ones, that is. The hospital janitor (who doesn’t look too bad himself) falls in love with her, but finds out a terribly dark secret about her. Yes, it involves angry spirits and vengeful ghosts.

The 2006 movie does feel nostalgic with its eye-pleasing set design, and the story is typically mythic with a traditional Thai folklore mood lingering indulgently throughout the film. But its total runtime of 110 minutes is just too much for us to take.

Looking at its PG rating, we knew that there won’t be any bloody and gory scares like Sathit Praditsarn and Teekayu Thamnitayakul’s Hell (2005). Still, interspersing the movie with cheap and laughable scares does not do the trick either. Very fake-looking human organs and yes, the infamous floating head on the cover makes the flick feel rather low in production value.

So, when leads Ploy Jindachote (who plays the nurse with very disturbing effect) and Pitisak Yaowananon (who plays the janitor with lots of earnestness) put in their most decent performances, we still cannot forgive this shoddy and overlong piece of work.

No, not even the side-splitting cover design can save it from this unkind review.


Review by John Li


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This review is made possible with the kind support from InnoForm


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