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Starring: Shawn Yue, Sam Lee
Director: Chung Siu-hung
Rating: M18
Year Made: 2006




Subtitles: Chinese & English
Running Time: 1 hr 20 mins
Format: VCD
Distributor: Innform Media




After reverting from undercover police in the triad, Ken always feels that all his colleagues treat him with discrimination. Ken turns to taking drugs to evade his pressure. Ah Fai, the drug peddler, is his only friend whom he can share his unhappiness. One day in the presence of Ken, Ah Fai killed a police officer in order to protect his drugs. To avoid getting himself into trouble, Ken made a big mistake by destroying all the evidence by burning the car. But he forgot the most important 'evidence' - Ah Fai. The more Ken tried to cover up his mistakes, the more irreparable sins he commits...


Oh dear, yet another Hong Kong production which wants to jump onto the unbeaten bandwagon which is the Infernal Affairs series (2002-2003).

It is no wonder then, when we saw the successful trilogy’s co-director Andrew Lau playing the producer role for this unnecessary movie about the undercover triad scene in Hong Kong.

The melancholically good-looking Shawn Yue plays a returning triad undercover who feels that the whole world is against him. He turns to a junkie friend played by a wacky Sam Lee for solace, and after one unfortunate incident involving a cop’s death, things go awry.

We would like to tell Yue’s character: get a life and move on, man.

While both leading men’s performances are acceptably intense, we cannot forgive the rip-off plot that does not do anything but give us cliché after cliché. An undercover cop’s tormented soul? Check. A darkly-lit cinematography to reflect the character’s tormented soul? Check. A “surprise twist ending” that attempts to redeem the character’s tormented soul? Check.

Chung Siu-hung (Kungfu Mahjong, The Lady Iron Chef) directs this forgettable genre movie without any surprises here. The only pleasant moment was when old-school actor Ken Tong turns up a mob boss. Oh, and when the distributors decided to include the original Cantonese language track for our listening pleasure

Otherwise, the 80-minute movie deserves to be aired on one of those weekend late-night slots, where you can watch it, be entertained by it for a moment, forget about it, and eventually turn in for a good night’s rest.



Review by John Li


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