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Genre: War/Drama
Starring: Adrian Topol, Max Riemelt, Susanne Bormann, Damir Dzumhur, Anatole Taubman, Peter Bongartz
Director: Rudolf Schweiger
Rating: NC-16 (Some Nudity)
Year Made: 2008







Languages: German
Subtitles: English/Chinese
Aspect Ratio: 16x9 Widescreen
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0
Running Time: 1 hr 31 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Origin Entertainment
Official Website:




Kosovo 1999. Two young German soldiers, Tom and Charly are on an almost hopeless mission KFOR mission, supposed to keep peace. When Charly is injured while attempting to rescue beautiful young Serb Mirjana from a snipers attack., Tom rushes after the killer and finds himself facing a half-grown Albanian child, Duncan wielding a sharpshooteres rifle. Soon Duncan motive becomes clear: Mirjana's father, Dr Jovovic was partly responsible for a Serbian massacre and has Durcan's famiy on his conscience. But above all, Albanian commander Enver wants his revenge on the Jovovic family. With Mirjana's help, Tom wins the trust of traumatized Durcan. When Durcan escapes and once again involved with Enver, Mirjana is confronted with a shocking truth: Enver has decided to have her killed - and has ordered Durcan to carry out the sentence.


War movies from Germany usually take World War II as their backdrop- and rightly so too, since undoubtedly the Germans have the benefit of a more intimate perspective. It is therefore quite refreshing to find that this little-known German production “Snipers Valley” actually sets its events against the Kosovo War in 1998.

The movie begins towards the end of the War where the cycle of violence has reversed. Instead of the Serbs being the aggressors, and the Albanians the victims, it is the Albanians who now are the hunters, and the Serbs the hunted. This is the situation two young German soldiers, Tom (Adrian Topol) and Charly (Max Riemelt), of the NATO-led Kosovo Force (KFOR) find themselves in as they attempt to keep the fragile peace.

One fateful morning while escorting a group of Serbs to their safehouses, they come under fire from a sniper on a rooftop. Strangely enough, the sniper appears to be targeting a beautiful young Serbian lady, Mirjana (Susanne Bormann), whom Tom and Charly promptly jump to the rescue of. And just as peculiar is the fact that the sniper is a young 12-year old boy Durcan that Tom gives chase and eventually takes into custody.

Part of the mystery of the film is finding out why an innocent-looking wide-eyed boy just barely into his teens will harbour so much resentment against the gorgeous Mirjana. Through Tom’s investigations, writer/director Rudolf Schweiger unravels the truth behind the shooting and concomitantly the motivation behind Durcan’s intense hatred.

This he uses as a lens to examine the fatal consequences of a vicious cycle of violence, as the Albanians use and abuse their newfound liberation to exert revenge on the Serbs who so cruelly oppressed them before. And presciently this message finds relevance in today’s sharply polarized world, divided by the antagonistic words and deeds of the previous Bush administration.

Clichéd as it may sound, Schweiger’s moral is how an eye for an eye does indeed make the world go blind- since violence has an uncanny ability to boomerang at its handler. Though his intentions are noble, Schweiger’s execution leaves much to be desired.

While his no-frills storytelling still works in the first half as the mystery unfurls, it unfortunately works against his already over-simplistic resolution in the latter half when he attempts to show how Serb and Albanian eventually reconcile. Surely the answers to decades of conflict are not so easily cast aside in the manner in which Schweiger portrays in the movie. Hence what impact his story may have had at the start is sadly diminished by the naïve turn of events towards the end.

The acting also leaves much to be desired- the German actors here unable to give their respective characters much depth. This is especially true for Adrian Topol, who plays the peacekeeper whose heart of gold compels him to disobey the non-interventionist policy his mission entails in order to protect Mirjana and Durcan. Certainly a more capable actor would have been more suited to convey the dilemma his character faces.

Still, few movies to date have attempted to tell the modern-day Holocaust between the Serbs and the Albanians in Kosovo. And in the end, this middling effort turns out more admirable for its ambition than impressive in its execution.




The visuals are surprisingly sharp for this direct-to-DVD release foreign movie. The Dolby 2.0 audio track suffices for a mostly talky picture.



Review by Gabriel Chong


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