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Genre: Thriller
Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Luke Wilson, Frank Whaley, Ethan Embry
Director: Nimrod Antal
Rating: M18 (Brief Nudity, Coarse Language and Violence)
Year Made: 2007




- Alternate Opening Sequence
- Checking In: The Cast and Crew of Vacancy
- Short Film
- Deleted Scenes
- Trailers



Languages: English/Spanish/
Subtitles: English/Spanish
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1 Widescreen
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Running Time: 1 hr 25 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Origin Entertainment
Official Website:




When David and Amy Fox's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, they are forced to spend the night at the only motel around, with only the TV to entertain them... until they discover that the low-budget slasher movies they're watching were all filmed in the very room they're sitting in. With hidden cameras now aimed at them... trapping them in rooms, crawlspaces, underground tunnels... and filming their every move, David and Amy must struggle to get out alive before they end up the next victims on tape.


“Why didn't you stay on the interstate?”

Good question. “Vacancy” opens with a bickering couple, David and Amy Fox (played by Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson) getting lost on some deserted road after attending a party celebration. Through their dialogue, you knew both of them are having some marital problems, had a kid once and close to signing the papers. There’s even a funny dialogue exchange illustrating the classic situation - males are known for refusing to ask for directions.

But “Vacancy” is far from funny, without a mechanic (their car supposedly broke down after a raccoon incident) and lost in the middle of nowhere, the Fox couple have to lodge in a cheap motel for the night with a sinister-looking manager (Frank Whaley) manning the reception. And that’s when the horror starts to seep in once they entered their honeymoon suite.

Hungarian director Nimrod Antal (who directed the acclaimed “Kontroll” in his homeland) crafted a taut, suspense thriller, which will make Hitchcock proud if he’s alive today. Shot in confined environments and without resorting to cheap jump-scare tactics, exploitative sex scenes and excessive gore, “Vacancy” is one hell of a ride to the surprise of this reviewer.

I’m sure you will root for David and Amy who tried their very best not to become the next victims of the evil motel owners’ snuff tapes along the way. How about the underground tunnel? Is he a real policeman or a decoy? Where’s the trapped door? These are the questions that will keep your mind-boggling. The short runtime of this 85 minutes movie plays a part as well, it prevents you from wandering away or pause to search for plot holes.

“Vacancy” is nothing original; in fact it has the elements of all the horror thrillers you seen in your entire life. Still, I had a good time rooting for the couple, despite all the cheesiness, it’s one of the best thrillers of the year! And don't ever lodge at sinister-looking roadside motels even if they offer free upgrade to honeymoon suite.


It’s wise for the filmmakers to opt for the final film’s opening instead of the Alternate Opening Sequence. It shows nothing but reveals everything.

Beware of this because it’s spoilers-filled and revealed certain crucial plot points. Checking In: The Cast and Crew of Vacancy is the usual EPK featurette which covers interviews with the director, cast, writers and producer. What’s interesting is they built everything on soundstage and later a replica outside the studio for the day scenes. Bet you can’t tell the difference.

Short Film otherwise known, as Mason's Video Picks: Extended Snuff Films is a collection of video clips of the victims facing sudden death. Bits of it are shown in the movie but here it is in its full glory. If you love to hear people screaming, pleading desperately for help and being slashed, you are sick!

Deleted Scene features a peeing Luke Wilson being alarmed by a raccoon. There’s no director commentary but obviously, I can tell you no one likes to see a guy peeing or a raccoon appearing for the second time.

The Trailers of “Ghost Rider”, “Identity” and “Perfect Stranger” round up this DVD.


Visually, dark tones filled up the majority of the movie. It can be a tad distracting to see what’s going on at certain parts.

I have no problems with the audio though. The banging doors, the loud shrills and the heavy panting fills up the surround. Dialogue is clear and you can even switch to hear Kate Beckinsale screaming in Spanish, Portuguese or Thai.

Parting Thoughts: Despite slamming it with a M18 rating, “Vacancy” is pretty mild and light on the violence/gore/nudity factor with the exception of countless F-words populated throughout. I recommend it solely for the high tension and suspense level which many thrillers nowadays seem to focus less on.



Review by Linus Tee


. Vacancy (Movie Review)

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