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Genre: Action/Crime
Starring: Val Kilmer, Jennifer Esposito, Gary Cole, Jay Jablonski, Greg Serano
Director: Adam Marcus
Rating: M18 (Sexual Scene & Violence)
Year Made: 2008







Languages: English/Thai/Spanish
Subtitles: English/Thai/Spanish
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Widescreen
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Running Time: 1 hr 30 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Origin Entertainment
Official Website:




Val Kilmer stars with Jennifer Esposito and Gary Cole in this explosive action-packed film about a former Special Operations United States Marine who brings justice to a small border town. After he's wounded during combat in Iraq MacPherson (Kilmer) reluctantly agrees to join a fellow soldier at his Arizona ranch. But when MacPherson arrives his friend has mysteriously disappeared and no one will admit to knowing him. When he discovers that a corporate entity is running illegal aliens out of town by any means possible MacPherson decides to get revenge and won't stop until everyone involved has been punished for their crimes.


Top Gun probably summarizes Val Kilmer's career of late, that he's rarely been seen as the lead in a movie these days, and is flying as a wingman. Big screen outings have been limited, and no doubt the modern audience of today might find it hard press to recall when they last saw him on the big screen.

In Conspiracy, he stars as an ex-US Marine and a Desert Storm veteran who's living his life in a waking nightmare, unable to shake off the bad memories that come part and parcel with his service, tainted by his unit being taken out by a suicide bomb. His William MacPherson withdraws into a hermit's life, until his buddy Miguel (Greg Serano) coaxes him out to visit him in New Lago city. Reluctantly, he visits the town and is surprised that it resembles a film set right out of old Western movies, and to his surprise too that the small, closely knit community had not heard of his friend before.

So the paper thin plot has him going around town trying to seek his friend out, while slowly unravelling that the town is nothing but a facade for some patriots with big money and shady government links to live out their lives in a fantasy like world, where the sheriffs are the law and the town ruled by the nozzle of guns. At times it plays out the lawlessness of the wild west, but it pretty much resembled, structure wise, like Dwayne The Rock Johnson's movies like The Rundown and Walking Tall. There's nothing too conspiring in the movie too, despite the title, though there are moments which seek to preach about how military companies have their hand in all the pies and both sides of the equation, supplying the US government with weapons, and also being involved in reconstruction efforts after their bombs rain down on property.

Here, the villains are Halicorp the military company that is the prime mover of the New Lago city in building the town up using illegals and dirt-cheap labour, helmed at the top by the corporation's CEO and his cronies of sheriffs and deputies who term themselves as patriots dishing their personal brand of the law. It takes of course our hero to knock some sense into them, but not before he gets pushed to the limits and miraculously recovers from the ghosts of his wartime past and only requires the last 20 minutes to set things right.

I had come to enjoy a specific Kilmer movie where he stars as a one-man army in Spartan, but the cheaper production values here take a little bit of the shine off the story, which is riddled with loopholes that even Rambo will find no difficulty in exploiting and dispatching his opponents with. And of course there's a little surprise to Kilmer's MacPherson character here which I will not reveal, but does give him some challenge in overcoming, and for his enemies to exploit.

Conspiracy doesn't take a lot of brain power to decipher its message, if there's any well meaning message to begin with, and plays out perfectly as a lazy Sunday matinee movie with popcorn in hand, cold soda on table, and comfortable couch to slouch in.


Only Trailers are offered, featuring mostly direct to home video market titles like The Shepherd, Missionary Man and Pistol Whipped. The others included are Vantage Point and up-and-coming summer movie Hancock starring Will Smith. And since the Blu-Ray format won the high-definition DVD war, there's also a clip to toot the horn called "Blu-ray Disc is High Definition".


Nothing too fantastic in the audio and visual department with decent anamorphic widescreen presentation for the DVD movie.



Review by Stefan Shih


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