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Genre: Thriller
Starring: Kristy Swanson, Greg Bryk, Jose Peace, Kelsey Matheson, Marc Hickox, Troy Yorke, Neil Foster
Director: Erin Berry
Rating: M18 (Some violence and drug references)
Year Made: 2007




- Behind-the-scenes featurette



Languages: English/Japanese/Thai
Subtitles: English/Spanish/Chinese/
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Widescreen
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Running Time: 1 hr 25 mins
Region Code: PAL 3
Distributor: Origin Entertainment
Official Website:




Victor is a degenerate millionaire who gets his sadistic, sexual kicks in his private torture dungeon. With money to burn, he buys off his mangled victims with the help of his lawyer, Roman. What Victor doesn't know is that his beautiful wife Elizabeth and Roman are having an affair. The two plot to poison him and take his money. But the murderous lovers make one fatal mistake. Instead of killing Victor, the poison plunges him into a zombie-like stupor, Victor comes back to his senses mid-autopsy with only one thing on his mind: bloody revenge on his would-be killers.


There's a reason why some movies hit the cinema halls, and some get relegated straight to the home video market. This happens to belong to the latter, and the reasons are so obvious in just the first five minutes of this short 85 minute movie. Bad acting, bad premise and bad characterization seem to confirm the dismal production values, in its attempt to try so hard in delivering what it thought was a pretty smart storyline.

Perhaps one of the key aspects why you probably won't like the movie, is because none of its characters are of the likable kind. There's absolutely no reason how anyone can connect to either one of them (especially so when the acting's bad) - the bored but rich good for nothing Victor Harris (Greg Bryk), his adulterous wife Elizabeth (Kristy Swanson) who is having an affair with their sneaky lawyer Roman (Josh Peace) - or feel sorry when they get their just desserts in this revenge flick.

More than not, you'd actually expect them to suffer as much as possible since this is venturing into torture porn territory with an attic retrofitted with a torture rack, but what could probably draw some irks from you is the scene at the morgue, where the budget constraints are evident as it just cannot live up to movies which feature similar scenes like Saw IV or even Unrest. In fact, that scene and its hasty follow up had pulled back their punches and were put together so haphazardly, that it features some throwaway characters brought in just to up the body count, and gain street cred that it had tried to be as realistic as possible and had a decent make up and props departments.

The only one thing worth reading up about after you've watched the movie (if you're still up to it that is), is the effects of toxins, whether it can cause what you see in the movie - that of extreme paralysis to the point of near death. Otherwise, this is strictly for those interested in watching a bad movie just to understand how best to avoid making one, then Living Death could be worth the collection and filed under "I Can Do Better Than This".


The primary feature here is the Behind-The-Scenes of Living Death, running almost 21 minutes, and subtitled in Japanese only. Containing an interview with the director Erin, what took me by surprise was his revelation that he sees a number of flaws in the movie and that he actually has plenty of stuff he might want to change if given a second shot at it. Talk about the lack of confidence in your own product. Interviews with the main casts are also included, and the best bits were how the gory bits and key scenes in the film were made. Word of warning though, this feature contains massive spoilers, so hit the movie first before watching anything from this feature.

Watching this feature was somewhat more entertaining than the feature itself, and the rating at the bottom summarizes this rare instance. The only other features are unrelated trailers with the likes of Vacancy, Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud, Wind Chill and 5ive Girls.


For a movie going straight to video, visual transfer in anamorphic widescreen is excellent, almost pristine and you'd hardly see any flaws, which is a pity that the content didn't live up to its technical strengths. And I actually salute this technical integrity in presenting the movie in the best possible format. Even the audio is mastered in 5.1 in English, Thai and Japanese, but surprisingly the menu options are kept muted with nary a squeak. Menu navigation is available either in English, Mandarin or the Thai language..



Review by Stefan Shih


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This review is made possible with the kind support from Origin Entertainment


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