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Genre: Romance/Comedy
Starring: Michael Cera, Kat Dennings, Ari Graynor, Jay Baruchel, Rafi Gavron, Aaron Yoo
Director: Peter Sollett
Rating: NC-16 (Sexual References)
Year Made: 2008




- Filmmaker and Cast Commentaries
- Deleted scenes
- A Look Behind-The-Scenes
- Nick and Norah Puppet Show



Languages: English/Thai/Spanish/Portuguese
Subtitles: English/Thai/Chinese/
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Widescreen
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Running Time: 1 hr 29 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Origin Entertainment




After a chance encounter, Nick and Norah embark on a journey through New York's indie rock scene on a quest to find the secret show of a legendary band and wind up finding each other.


Gosh, how this reviewer hates Nick. As geeky as he looks (he looks suspiciously like that bloke Juno had a kid with), he manages to snog a girl after spending one night with her in New York City? As much as he loves indie music, he manages to find a girl who loves this genre as much as him in that one single night? Where is the justice in all these? Why does this not happen to a humble guy like this reviewer? While he continues to search for the elusive to these questions (amongst other worldly mysteries), he tries to find connection after watching this agreeable movie directed by Peter Sollett (Raising Victor Vargas).

Nick is a plain dude who cannot get over his girlfriend: a cute blond girl who is conniving and mean (aren’t ex-es all the same?). So this high school senior from Hoboken meets another girl at a club in New York City who gives him a peck on the cheeks to diss his ex girlfriend off. This acquaintance is Norah, and a night of fits and starts between Nick and Norah begins. They share a love for cool music, and have to stick through thick and thin to hunt down a band who is scheduled to perform somewhere in town, search for Norah’s drunk friend and of course, fall in love and realise that they are made for each other.

Yes, this magical rendezvous makes this single reviewer very jealous too. But before he goes into whining mode, he shall believe in the magic that may probably happen in Singapore. After all, the 89 minute movie portrays a picture of lovely charm, and all thanks to the charismatic and pleasant casting, you’d find yourself engaged throughout the movie.

Michael Cera (Juno, Superbad) plays Nick, and his goofy personality is spot on for the character. Kat Dennings (The House Bunny, Charlie Bartlett) plays Norah, and her compelling and somewhat alluring presence complements Cera’s personality nicely. Supporting characters are played by Alexis Dziena (Norah’s drunken friend), Aaron Yoo and Rafi Gavron (Nick’s gay band mates) to provide chuckles and smiles.

Then there is the music, with pleasing tunes by artistes like Chris Bell, Vampire Weekend and The Submarines playing in the movie’s background, you can’t help but fall in love with both the movie and the music. The experiences shared by Nick and Norah are nicely translated to a mini road trip around New York, and you’d feel that you are with the two of them all the way. You cheer for them at the end of the movie, although it’s something expected the moment the movie began. This is one movie which you’ll love for its entirety. It’s a complete package, and of course, there’s the hope that this would happen in a club located in, say, Orchard Road.


This Code 3 DVD contains quite a bit of bonus. There are two Commentaries included on the disc. The first Commentary with Director Peter Sollett, Michael Cera, Kat Dennings and Ari Graynor has the jolly trio talking joyously about the making of the movie, sharing fond memories of shooting the movie, laughing a lot along the way (even the first few opening shots after the opening sequence were mostly re-shoots). The second Commentary with Director Peter Sollett, Authors Rachel Cohn & David Levithan and Screenwriter Lorne Scafaria is probably more serious with the folks talking about the story. The authors talk about how a love story infuses nicely with the concept of a music playlist before the plot was materialised.

There are nine Deleted & Alternate Scenes totalling 10 minutes. Our favourite one features Norah chancing upon a man dressed up as Jesus (with his hands pinned to the cross) in the washroom, asking her to help him pee. There are four minutes of Outtakes which had us believe that the cast and crew really had fun on the set. Dennings’ sweet smile had us smiling too. A Nick & Norah Puppet Show by Kat Dennings is an innovative five minute clip which showcases paper puppets. Never mind the bad audio recording, the cuteness of the puppets will win you over.  Ari Graynor’s Video Diary: A Look behind the Scenes is a brief four minute clip shot by the actors (cue bad camerawork and bad audio recording) which candidly captures the cast’s interesting behind the scene moments.  

In Storyboard Animations, you get to see nicely drawn animated storyboards totalling nine minutes of the opening sequence and where Nick and Norah meet, with an optional commentary by director Peter Sollett and editor Myron Kerstein. The Faux Interview with Michael Cera, Kat Dennings and Eddie Kaye Thomas is a very amusing three minute clip which puts Dennings in an awkward spot when Thomas asks her whether she is riding on Cera’s popularity. We love it when the stars make fun of themselves. Included on the disc are also Peter Sollett’s Photo Album, a Music Video “Middle Management” by Bishop Allen and Previews of other Sony releases like The House Bunny and Seven Pounds.


The disc’s visual transfer is pristine, while there are 5.1 Dolby English, Spanish, Thai and Portuguese audio tracks to choose from.



Review by John Li


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This review is made possible with the kind support from Origin Entertainment


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