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Genre: Action/Drama/Historical
Starring: Donnie Yen, Leon Lai, Wang Xueqi, Nicholas Tse, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Hu Jun, Simon Yam, Eric Tsang, Li Yuchun, Fan Bing-bing, Zhou Yun, Wang Po-chieh, Mengke Bateer, Michelle Reis, Xing Yu, Zhang Hanyu, Jacky Cheung
Director: Teddy Chen
Rating: NC-16 (Some Violence)
Year Made: 2009



- Behind The Scenes
- Cast & Crew Interview
- Production Design
- Creating The Characters
- Fight Choreography




Languages: Mandarin
Subtitles: English/Chinese
Aspect Ratio: 16x9
Sound: Dolby Digital
Running Time: 2 hrs 18 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Scorpio East
Official Website:




1905, City of Victoria (British Colony of Hong Kong)

In the distance of thirteen blocks, the one man who holds a nation's fate must survive relentless attempts on his life with only five bodyguards to protect him. Against hundreds of assassins, these men must put their courage to the test in order to protect the hopes of millions in this perilous night even if it means fighting to the death.


Bodyguards and Assassins recollect the chain of events that occurred during Dr Sun's visit to Hong Kong. His supporters round up a group of motley crew from all walks of life to protect him from the Qing Dynasty court's deadly assassins. First half of the movie was spent on establishing the background story for these various personals that answered the call to protect the Chinese revolutionary leader. It presented how most of these personals got involved due to the various emotion entanglements and it wasn't because they were passionate about Dr Sun's ideas.

The various subplots for these numerous characters provided interesting dilemmas among characters and they made some intriguing points to consider. Such as Li Yue-tang, the rich merchant who supports the revolutionary group with his money but vehemently against his son's involvement with the rebellion against the Qing court. The conflicts here were intriguing because the various characters motivation were well presented and viewers could identify their respective reasoning, ideal and dilemma.

Likewise, for the 'good' guys and 'bad' guys in Bodyguards and Assassins. The manipulators from both sides are not exactly good nor bad but flawed with their strong conviction to their own cause that they are willing to sacrifice lives to achieve it. Kudos to the storytellers for handling the antagonist with such care and layers.

To add on to the drama, there are also bittersweet moments on the eve of the bloody escort. While some muse about the choice of their actions, others find happiness in marriage and discovery of a daughter. Although the segments might be short, some managed to tug the heartstrings and make the viewers feel for the characters as they prepares for a deadly battle.

All these escalated to an explosive last half when the man of the hour finally arrived in Hong Kong. The bodyguards and the assassins faced off in a bloody cloak and dagger battle on the street of old Hong Kong. The tension here is intensified due to the well established characters in the first half, engaging the viewers to feel for the fate of these bodyguards.

This movie provides many points to contempate as we follow the lives of these motley crew that made up of various commoners. Although this film only presented the causes and effects of one politician's visit, it makes one wonder if it was worth the sacrifice. One might argue that it help to build the foundation of the modern China but looking at the number of lives lost due to an revolutionary leader's idea to overturn a decaying old system just felt like a horrific massacre which don't adds up. How does one answer to the love ones and family members of those who sacrificed their lives? As the wailing and tears fade away to the end of the movie, it just leave a bitter aftertaste to remind us the true cost of a revolution.


Behind the Scenes -
One thing to note, although these extra features are filled with plenty interesting behind the scenes information, certain moments from the first segment were repeated in the other three segments.

Cast & Crew Interview - Development on each Character
The Cast and Crew took the time to go through the list of characters that appeared in this movie and gave a presentation of what they are and shared certain insights of these characters that viewers might not have gathered though the film itself.

Production Design - This segment will open the viewers' eyes to much effort was put in to recreate the old Hong Kong and impressively big the production set was. It even include an appearance by Danny Boyle (director of Slumdog Millionaire) and he was impressed by it.

Creating the Characters (Costume Design) - This segment takes a look at the various planning and design for the numerous characters in this movie. They recounts makeups and the costumes are used to bring the essence of those characters out.

Fight Choreography - Bodyguards and Assassins is filled with exciting fight sequences and this segment provides a peek on how some of the fights were choreographed.


Bodyguards and Assassins is filled with rich production value and this dvd offers a fine presentation of the old Hong Kong streets and costume that had been replicated for this movie. There are also moments that it used the audio aspect to showcase the carnage that happening on screen.



Review by Richard Lim Jr

Posted on 24 February 2010


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