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Genre: CG Animation
Rating: G
Year Made: 2007
Official Website:




Behind The Scenes
. "The Pixar Shorts: A Short History"
. Audio Commentaries




Languages: English/Mandarin/Korean
Subtitles: English/Thai/Chinese/Bahasa/Malay/
Aspect Ratio: -
Presentation Size: -
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1/Dolby Digital 2.0
Running Time: 52 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Scorpio East




Experience these masterpieces of storytelling from the creative minds that brought you Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo and many more. With revolutionary animation, unforgettable music and characters you love, these dazzling short films have changed the face of animation and entertainment and are sure to delight people of all ages for years to come.


Even if you have watched more than half of the animated shorts on this DVD, you will still want to purchase a copy and let it stand proudly on your shelf next to other Pixar titles like the recent Ratatouille, the underwater adventure Finding Nemo and the fabulous Toy Story series.

Included in this disc are 13 short films produced by the Oscar-winning computer animation production company, ranging from 1984’s "The Adventures of Andre and Wally B." to 2007’s “Lifted”. 13 years ago, an animation experiment about an annoying bee was produced. 13 years later, through a short film about an alien trainee trying to abduct a helpless man, it’s definitely eye-opening to see how technology has advanced.

If you have been a fan of Pixar movies, you’d probably have seen most of the shorts found on this DVD. “Geri’s Game”, a fuzzy short about an old man playing chess with himself was attached to A Bug’s Life (1998). “Knick Knack”, a hilarious short about snowman stuck in a snow globe was attached to Finding Nemo (2003). And if you own the DVDs of Monster’s Inc. (2001) and Cars (2006), you’d have seen “Mike’s New Car” and “Mater and the Ghostlight”.

But you’d still want to own this palette of brilliant short films, not because it’d be troublesome to sieve out the individual shorts from the individual movie discs, not because it comes with a classy packaging that will make your friends envy, not because there are probably better compilations to come in near future – it’d be because you’d want to watch the 13 films back to back at one go within 53 minutes.

The simple yet effective storylines are a joy to revisit on screen too. Be it the traumatizing point of view of a baby from a toy in “Tin Toy”, the pains a big bird has to go through to be part of a group of smaller birds in “For the Birds”, or the humiliation of a sheared sheep in “Boundin’”, there is something for the whole family.

Play it at your next party – you’d have definitely get everyone’s eyes glued to your television screen. And with that, will probably come chuckles and happy laughter too. It’s probably a few years down the road before Pixar comes out with Volume 2 of the collection.


The Code 3 DVD comes with “Audio Commentaries” on every short film. That’s a truly informative feature to have, if you ask us. Hear how John Lasseter conceptualized "The Adventures of Andre and Wally B." 13 years ago and how each clip’s director converses engagingly with its respective animator or composer. There is also a 23-minute featurette “The Pixar Shorts: A Short History”, where you hear about Pixar’s corporate philosophy and how technology has evolved over the years to enable the company to produce increasingly impressive works. Interestingly, you’d also get to see four “Sesame Street” clips where Pixar’s signature table lamps teach you opposite words like “light” and “heavy”.


The animation looks crisp and clear on the DVD’s visual transfer, and there are audio options of English, Mandarin and Korean in Dolby Digital 5.1.



Review by John Li


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