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Genre: Comedy
Starring: Jack Neo, Mark Lee, Henry Thia, Lai Ming, Vivian Lai, Lim Ru Ping
Director: Jack Neo
Rating: PG
Year Made: 2008



- The Making of
- Movie Stills




Languages: Chinese & Dialect
Subtitles: English/Chinese/Malay
Aspect Ratio: -
Sound: -
Running Time: 2 hrs 9 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Scorpio East




Eldest brother Yang Bao Hui (Henry Thia) under his youngest brother, Yang Bao Huang's (Mark Lee) influence, quits his delivery job to sell health supplements. He is doing well until... Second brother Yang Bao Qiang (Jack Neo) is a successful businessman with a flashy car and big house, before he lands himself in debts. Bao Huang earns a good salary as a regional supervisor for a health supplement trading company, and spends lavishly, until the health supplement business goes bust... With three sons in financial crisis, what will happen to their elderly mother (Lai Ming)?


Jack Neo is back with a second servicing of his first hit movie Money Not Enough and instead of a direct sequel, this is more of a update of current money issue problems that Singaporean are facing. The contemporary grievances such as the increasing taxing number of ERPs (Every Road Pay/Electronic Road Pricing) to the other recent problems such as En-bloc saga and MLM scam fall out are all played out here.

However Jack Neo had commented in the making of segment that in a relatively financially stable country like Singapore, there aren’t that many new money issues problems that could be updated into this movie. If only he delayed the making of this movie by a year and he would have abundance of materials to play with (since we are heading towards a recession right now). But since this film was to coincide with the 10 years Anniversary of his film making career, it’s unfortunate that such juicy material was untimely missed. In order to solve that issue which could potentially mean a shorter runtime of this movie was working the kinship versus money matters angle into this sequel.

The balancing act between family and money was the best moments in this movie. It’s effectively a tear buckets inducer and it all boils down to the grand actress Lai Ming’s performance. This fragile old lady delivered her comedic and dramatic performance with such a flair that is testament to her longevity in showbiz and the worthiness of her nomination for the upcoming Golden Horse’s Best Supporting actress awards. Her portrayal of a sympathetic and long suffering mom deserves a movie mom award of the year (if there ever is one).

However there are some bits that stood out as sore thumbs. In recent years, it’s becoming the norm to see product placement in movies but to see the manner this movie was plugging products and services from the movie sponsors; it’s like watching an extended paid infomercials for the first half of the movie. Even though Jack Neo needed the funds to support his quest for better CGI effects in this movie, such creative influences due to external factors would somehow derail the story telling and characters buildup. The end result would be a choppy and uneventful introduction and set up for Money Not Enough 2.

When the movie is not busy showing products placement, one can’t help but feel that it is aping certain factors from other films that achieved success in our local theatres. If the robotic ERP gantry doesn’t remind you of a certain transforming movie, then you need to watch more blockbuster movies. The success that 881 had with the Getai (Live stage performance at Ghost Festival) aspect made the effort to include a Getai singer and their performing routine in this movie felt rather dubious.

Lastly the way the movie chose to resolve the matters after the high strung tearjerkers climatic was a bit rush and overly simplified. The solution for their money woes felt squeezed in at the last minute as the storyteller suddenly remember this is a movie about money problems and not a Taiwanese tearjerkers movie. All these problems sort of signify that this sequel was made without a strong core storyline and were patched together by pandering to various external factors.

Overall it’s a passable movie that touches on the current Singaporean’s financial grievances that most Singaporeans are already aware of. It brings nothing new or offers nothing in depth as it tried to wander through a series of endorsements to tell a story. The only interesting aspect of this film was that it posses an intriguing question on balancing between kinship and money matters but sadly it took the easy way out by offering little closure to that question. Personally I don’t see the appeal of this movie but Money Not Enough 2 made over 4 Million dollars earnings at the box office so I am guessing that many heartlanders of Singapore think otherwise.


First up, there’s the trailer and teaser for Money Not Enough 2. While there isn’t anything special to note about the 2.30mins trailer, the teaser is a funny PSA (Public Service Announcement) with Mark Lee and Henry Thia to demand that the cinema audience to turn off their phone during the movie.

The Making of segment covers genesis of this sequel which Jack Neo had been putting off till now. It covers also the usual features where the actors talk about their characters and their involvement with the story. The breaks in-between made it feel suspiciously made for TV to promote this movie before it was screen. The notable bit was a peek into how Singapore productions are branching out to green screens special effects. Although the effects here are still a far cry with the Hollywood heavies, it’s a decent and commendable effort.

The last extra would be the movie stills segment featuring various photo stills of the movie and the production of this movie with accompanying Hokkien song from this movie soundtrack.


If I didn’t count wrongly, the ScorpioEast Logo flashed twice during this playback of the movie in this Dvd, once during the 2 mins mark and during the fake ending of this movie. It seems that they are trying to scale down the number of times that their logo flashes during the movie. It’s a good progress but a little shout out to them, how about totally removing this horrible idea? It feels like what a China brand would do and it’s destroying the film that’s in your Dvd. Show some love for the movie.

Although presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital, it had a very good mixing of dialogue and background sound effect that came off as a very robust and strong audio production for playback on a TV.

Comes with Chinese, English and Malay subtitles.



Review by Richard Lim Jr



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This review is made possible with the kind support from Scorpio East


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