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Genre: Comedy
Starring: Kim Sa-rang, Ha Suk-jin, Park Jun-kyu, Ha Dong-Hoon
Director: Kim Ryu-sung
Rating: M18 (Some Sexual Scenes)
Year Made: 2007




- Trailer




Languages: Korean
Subtitles: English/Chinese
Aspect Ratio: -
Sound: -
Running Time: 1 hr 49 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Scorpio East




Lessons at Silao High School, a boys school that boasts the strictest regulations, are an endless drag... until she comes along. Ms. Ji-Young Uhm (Sa-Rang Kim), a sexy trainee teacher, has a perfect body and sex appeal. All the males in the school plan various ways to win her affection. They should be preparing for the annual school festival, but they're all occupied with other matters. Then a scandal erupts...The three major suspects are the school's trio of professional playboys. A particularly strict teacher is after them. His mission: to find out who slept with her.


Frankly speaking, I did not think that I’d enjoy this Korean movie one bit. After all, I’m known to my friends as a self-righteous fellow who does not tolerate anything distasteful. And with a plot like this, how did I end up chuckling to myself when it ended after 109 minutes?

The juvenile storyline has a trainee (French!) teacher goes to a school for probation. The good-looker attracts the attention of many pubescent schoolboys, and thanks to an opportunity which requires three of them to rehearse a performance for the school’s festival, a rumor goes around that one of the scoundrels slept with the pretty young thing.

The three boys in question are surprisingly amusing: One is a typical bad boy who is a good-looker himself, one is a typical lecher who would stop at nothing to take a peek under a girl’s skirt, and one is a sad guy who looks old with wrinkles after taking medication – and he has a literally big problem, ahem, down there, as well.

No prizes for guessing which one milked the most laughs out of me.

The setups in this mindless flick contain typical slapstick humor, which are funny enough for the average movie viewer. Expect awkward puberty jokes, silly toilet jokes and physical humor which always works when one’s mind switches off to auto mode. The cast of this Kim-Yuseong-directed movie may not be A-list material, but Kim Sa-rang portrays the good-natured and gorgeous teacher quite well.

There is also a nice little performance at the end of the movie which will have you tapping your feet along to the infectious melody, as well as the cutely-choreographed dance steps nicely complemented by the glamorous fluorescent backdrop.

However, this movie is not one where you’d walk away anything with – It will not enlighten you with any newfound life philosophy, it will not satisfy your lusty hunger for flesh, it will not make you remember what happened in the movie after the credits roll. What you’d be left with is how surprisingly amusing this movie turned out to be.


This Code 3 DVD contains only a Trailer for the movie.


The disc’s visual transfer manages to have you see what’s happening in the dark, while the audio is presented in its original Korean soundtrack.



Review by John Li


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This review is made possible with the kind support from Scorpio East


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