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Genre: Thriller
Starring: Jason Behr, John Bach, Timothy Balme, Mia Blake, Jarred Blakiston, Caroline Cheong
Director: Peter Burger
Rating: M18 (Sexual Scene)
Year Made: 2008



- Trailer



Languages: English
Subtitles: Chinese & English
Aspect Ratio: -
Presentation Size: -
Sound: -
Running Time: 1 hr 32 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Scorpio East




THE TATTOOIST is a supernatural thriller, made by Singaporean and New Zealand co-production partners. The story centers on an American tattoo artist, Jake Sawyer (Jason Behr) who impulsively steals an ancient Samoan tattooing tool. Unexpectedly, He unleashes a powerful angry spirit. Suddenly his art takes on a frightening new dimension, exposing everyone he touches to mortal peril.


Mediacorp Raintree Pictures has had its fair share of top and flop movies and this collaboration with the New Zealand Film Commission unfortunately falls into the latter category.

Jake, an American and a tattooist by profession is in Singapore, plying his trade at a tattoo convention. He claims to provide people with healing tattoos and at the same convention, decides to steal a Samoan tattooing tool. Upon having visions, he decides to head to New Zealand to return the tool and in hopes of finding a solution. In doing so, he falls for a Kiwi girl and well, gets her and everyone else into trouble.

While there is a certain air of mystery surrounding a flick about tattoos, there is not much substance to this somewhat standard fare. If you want to check out fancy tattoos and all, try Miami Ink. This supernatural flick is nowhere near frightening, failing to really attempt to scare anyone really. The gore factor is not too much to handle, it only gets a little bit messy, something like spilling squid ink all over the ship.

The Tattooist is generally boring with very little happening all around coupled with very bad acting. The leads, Jason Behr and Mia Blake are nowhere near convincing as two people in love. The cardboard acting is more or less the same all around for the likes of Singapore’s very own Caroline Cheong, who is nowhere near the bad girl she is supposed to be playing in this. The older Kiwi actors, on the other hand, looked like they tried to give their best to a very bland film.

If there is a lesson that can be learnt from this flick though, would be the practice of Tatau in Samoan families, a tradition that is passed on from one generation to another. Did you also know that the word tattoo is derived from that very Samoan word, “Tatau”?

On the overall, this could have been a much better movie had much thought and care be put into it. It just ends up being something you would pick off a DVD rental shelf for a cheap weekend date.


There are none with the exception of a theatrical trailer. Ho-hum.


Just like everything else about the DVD, nothing much to expect here. Only includes Chinese and English subtitles.



Review by
Mohamad Shaifulbahri


. The Tattooist (Movie Review)

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