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Genre: Horror/Thriller
Starring: Achita Pramoi Na Ayudhya, Pakkramai Potranan, Namo Tonggumnerd, Pimonwan Hoonthongkam, Ongart Cheamcharoenpornkul, Chamlong Klingpetch, Apichai Trakulpadejkrai
Director: Songsak Mongkolthong
Rating: NC-16 (Horror and Some Nudity)
Year Made: 2007






Languages: Thai
Subtitles: English
Aspect Ratio: -
Presentation Size: -
Sound: -
Running Time: 1 hr 54 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Scorpio East




Based on a true story in 1987, an outdoor film screening was booked at Kamchanod forest reserve. The projectionist crew rolled the film but there was no audience. But towards the end the ghosts came. A young doctor, Yuth seeks the mystery behind the screening. Together with his team, he tracks down the film and arranges a screening. Soon, the group starts their encounter with the dead...


Beginning with an interesting premise, The Screen At Kamchanod is a terrible letdown considering the potential that it started out with.

Supposedly based on true events, the documentary-style opening narration sets an ominous atmosphere for the movie. Indeed, there are quite a few unexpected scares to be had as the research team led by Dr Yuth moves from clue to clue to uncover important details of the ill-fated screening twenty years ago.

Sad to say however, the movie loses steam very quickly. Thai horror movies of late have been notoriously bad at scene transitions and this is no exception. There is little logic provided in the story to link its scare-a-minute scenes together. What this amounts to is various characters seeing various unexplained ghostly apparitions with little explanation and thus little sense.

Worse still, the story begins to meander at the halfway mark so the run-up to the doomed screening ends up more as a rundown. Instead of focusing on the mystery behind the screening, director Songsak Mongkolthong decides to highlight the traumatic experience that each of the characters is going through.

The problem with this tack is that the characters are never really fleshed out so there is really very little to care about them. One fatal loophole here is the motivation of each of the individual characters. The director does nothing to let the audience understand why they are still so determined to go through with the screening even when all these bad events are taking place around them.

The movie is also not helped with the lackluster performances of all five lead actors of the research team. Besides trying to look scared, they are not competent enough to bring across the erosion of the characters’ sanity as they are haunted time and time again.

The final nail-in the-coffin for this Thai horror flick is its finale. As if realizing that it has already wasted enough of its audience’s time, the movie tries to insert a last minute twist that is quite unnecessary and ridiculous. To be honest, this reviewer’s experience was further marred by the terrible subtitling of the DVD by Scorpio East which failed to translate a crucial clue of the puzzle scribbled on a newspaper clipping.

The Screen At Kamchanod is indeed a terrible letdown, for the very nature of its premise presented so many opportunities that it could have utilized to deliver a chilling movie. Yet it was content to resort to cheap scare tactics to win the audience’s vote. Ironically, had this movie been screened at Kamchanod, it would be no surprise why there were no audience left at the end of the movie.


Nil, unless you count Kelvin Tong's Rule #1 Trailer which auto plays when you pop the disc into the player.


Picture quality is decent, but subtitles are burnt in, an indication that probably the same print was used for the VCD release. Also, only English subtitles is available. This bare bone DVD release is even more appalling for the fact that crucial clues required for understanding the movie, especially at its climax, are not subtitled.



Review by Gabriel Chong


. The Screen at Kamchanod (Movie Review)

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