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(Uncut Version) (HK)


Starring: Chui Tien You, Don Li, Steven Cheung (Boyz), Dennis Mak (Boyz), Theresa Fu, Toby Leung, Macy Chan, Kelly Fu
Director: Chin Man Kei
Rating: NC-16
Year Made: 2007




- Trailers

- Making Of




Subtitles: Chinese & English
Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen 16x9
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Running Time: 1 hr 30 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Innform Media




Since a fire broke out in Lap Lan Secondary School ten years ago. There is always a silhouette on the wall, coupled with eerie singing in the middle of the night, resulting in all kinds of scary and disturbing rumours being spread in the school.

Lap Lan Secondary School is a girl school. However, under the new education policy, Goh Keung, Charles, Ben and Dick are assigned to Lap Lan Secondary School to continue their education.

The four boys found excitement among the boring boarding school girl school. As love and rebellion are the given right of the youngster - no matter how the Dean of the school has forbid the romantic relationships between the guys and gals.

After a secret party, love blossomed among the youngsters. Unknowingly, the relationships had revived a hidden curse which haunted the school ten years ago…

Very soon, Dick, Ah Sze and Cat went missing and found dead bizarrely. The death of their schoolmates caused Goh Keung and Yat Man great distress, and the two were on the verge of breaking down. After much consideration, the two decided to challenge the rule of “Students are forbid to fall in love”, which they found totally unreasonable, hoping that this will lead them to the cause of their classmates’ death.

In the meantime, the old school office which is destroyed by the blaze ten years ago, appear again with the ghost of the Dean… Step by step, the cursed spirit of the Dean traced the lovebirds, confronting their mutiny against the school rule…


If the Haunted School achieved anything in the horror genre, it would be to educate movie watchers on how to spot problems from a terrible horror film movie as the Haunted school got quite a few to share.

The most obvious mistake was the over usage of special effects and camera tricks in a weak attempt to create the scary atmosphere. This film laden with extreme zoom in/out and close up on figurine and old portraits does nothing to create a genuine scary ambiance but distract the viewers from the story and numbing the viewers from feeling any fears in this tale.

Another problem was the usage of spooky soundtracks to highlight the spookiness in this movie. It would have been more effective if the filmmakers used it to emphasize a truly scary moment or an important moment but in Haunted School, it was wastefully overused and it seems that the film was desperately trying to use the spooky soundtrack to create fear but failed miserly.

Beside the un-scary effects woes, the fast pace editing that jumps from one plot device to another also leave the viewers cold and uncaring about the characters in this movie or their motivation. One of the best examples would be when one couple in this movie broke into tearful farewell and you might be scratching your head as you wonder when did this couple fall in love prior to this farewell? This is because the film makers neglected to spend any effort or time to build a decent background story for this couple

This type of MTV fast pace editing and the over-douse of special/ sound effects seems that their sole purpose was to cover the most important ingredient missing in this movie and that’s a good plot.

It’s hard not to chuckle at the concept of the terrifying penalties in breaking school rules, specially the first and major school rule which states that the student of the horror school are not allowed to fall in love. There are skillful suspensions of disbelief in horror movies and then there is downright childishness. The Haunted School’s characters and their motivation felt that it had been written during juvenile school days or by someone who still harbor an unhealthy vendetta against their discipline mentor.

But sadly, that what the Haunted School is build upon. That not to say that it’s beyond redemption as it’s still a good throwback movie to catch when one is looking for unintentionally funny moments in a horror setting.


Making of - If you are unimpressed with the movie, you will be likely to be equally unimpressed with the making of this movie.

This making off segment uncovers how the filmmakers got their inspiration for making this horror movie. They displayed impressive professionalism in showcasing how they came up with this idea and never once came close to admitting in front of the camera that it might had been a bad idea to suggesting the concept for this movie in the first place.

Another part of this segment is mixed with actors sharing their experience in making this movie and their roles. But given that most of the characters in this movie were one dimension, it severely limits this bunch of actors from sharing any thing that were remotely interesting. As again, it even tries too hard in the making of segment to hype up the scariness of this film with special cuts and effects but achieving very little of what was desired.

Trailers - This movie comes with 3 form of trailers that consist of a one minute trailer, a 23 seconds trailer and a Theatre Lobby Trailer that ran for 52 seconds.


Presented in 16;9 with English and Chinese subtitles. This disc present fine visual transfer for the movie and there is audio option in the film’s original Cantonese dialogue or Mandarin dialogue in Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS.



Review by Richard Lim Jr



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