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28 July 2008, 1pm at the NLB, The Pod

The first "Money Not Enough" was a phenomenon feat in Singapore film history. Jack Neo and gang managed to hit a chord with the Singaporean audience and broke the myth that a locally made film cannot be commercially viable. In the commercial sense, it was surprising that sequel were not churned out immediately after the record breaking hit. Jack Neo revealed to us that initially he didn’t want to do a sequel as he wanted to preserve the wonderful memory of the original film. But after numerous requests by collaborators and sponsors, and to mark his ten years tenure in the movie industry with something special, Jack Neo and his usual collaborators, Mark Lee and Henry Thia are back to present the second 'Money Issue' film.

This time round, instead of being friends with money problems, the trio portrays three siblings from different income group that faces different money woes.

Henry Thia plays the eldest brother, Yang Bao Hui from the lower income group who have to content with a low paying job while trying to strive it rich. Director Jack Neo remarked that besides keeping the original three main cast member of Money Not Enough, the real reason for working with Henry Thia would be his undeniable comedic presence and strong natural performance. He pointed out the scene when he sends his mom to the old folk’s home would be a testament of his acting ability.

Equally strong would be Mark Lee’s performance as the youngest brother, Yang Bao Huang who represents the middle income group that spends more than his learning capabilities. Director Jack Neo commented that Mark Lee’s role in this movie is a departure from his previous effeminate performance in Ah Long Pte Ltd, which required him to play a realistic fun loving Ah Beng without the exaggerations.

Meanwhile Jack Neo would be taking on the role of the middle brother, Yang Bao Qiang who was the most successful among the brothers. However with a title like Money No Enough, it would be easy to figure out that he would run into money problem and eventually had to content with the change in financial situation.

Besides rounding the original cast, Money Not Enough 2 also had infused with a few new faces and it came mainly as actresses playing the women in the Yang brothers’ lives. First of all, Vivian Lai, a familiar face in the local Channel 8 variety show will be playing Yan Yan, Yang Bao Huang’s wife. Although this will mark her on screen debut, Mark Lee noted that his favorite scene was his on screen wife Yan Yan being escorted by the police and credited to her fine acting skills that made that scene so memorable to him.

Another first timer with movie would be Zhu Ling Ling, one half of the famous Getai group Ming Zhu Sister, taking on the role of Yang Bao Qiang (Jack Neo)’s wife. Still jittery about her own performance, Director Jack Neo comforted her that her debut scored at least 80 over 100.

Although it wasn’t Lin Ru Ping’s first time in the big screen, she commented that Director Jack Neo had made her do a first in her role as Xiu Yun, Bao Hui’s wife and that revealing her cleavage. She mused that if she gets a divorce after Money Not Enough 2 hits the big screen, she will be holding Jack Neo responsible for her happiness for the rest of her life.

Last but not least, the 81 years old comedy veteran from Malaysia, Lai Ming had impressed Jack Neo so much during their last outing in Ah Long Pte Ltd that it wasn’t difficult in casting her as the mother of the Yang brothers. Director Jack Neo remarked that he was blown away by her motherly performance, especially when she acted sickly in the old folk’s home.

With such strong performance, the director and cast commented that after their surprise brush with the Golden Horse Awards recently, Money Not Enough 2 stands a good chance to get into nomination, particularly Lai Ming’s performance. Will their performance be good enough?

Check out their performance on 31st July 2008 when Money Not Enough 2 opens in our local cinemas.

Report: Richard Lim Jr | Photos: Lokman B S
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