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Genre: Drama
Starring: Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria Parker, Ricardo Chavira
Rating: NC-16 (Some Mature Content)
Year Made: 2007



- Getting Desperate: From Beginning to End
- Spare Time: Hanging with The Men of Wisteria's Lane
- Cherry-Picked: Creator Marc Cherry's Favourite Scenes
- Alternate Ending
- Deleted Scenes
- Bloopers
- Audio Commentaries



Languages: English/Spanish/Portuguese
Subtitles: English/Chinese/Thai/
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Number of discs: 5
Sound: -
Running Time: 721 minutes
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Scorpio East




Take a trip to the steamy side of suburbs as the acclaimed hit comedy Desperate Housewives is hotter, hipper and even more exciting in its sizzling fourth season. Temperatures are rising behind the closed doors of TV's favourite guilty pleasure. Primetime's most desired women are back and they're joined by an old friend who brings the simmering neighbourhood to a boil.


Okay, this is going to sound absurd but this male reviewer is going to confess that he feels like a Desperate Housewife sometimes. Since its first season premiered in 2004, he has following the trials and tribulations of these Wisteria Lane ladies. Susan Mayer (Teri Hetcher), Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman), Bree Hodge (Marcia Cross) and Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria Parker) – these names have so evidently become part and parcel of popular culture that fans became obsessed with online psychological tests to predict which Desperate Housewife you were.

And why would this perfectly normal male reviewer feel like a Desperate Housewife sometimes? Because after following the series for four seasons, he can totally connect with how these ladies feel.

After three critically acclaimed seasons, the drama comedy takes us back to Wisteria Lane again for 17 engaging episodes of sizzling hot plot twists and turns. The main plotline this time round is about a returning family in the neighbourhood. Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany), the latest Desperate Housewife to join the club after the menacing looking Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan) reaches Wisteria Lane from Chicago with her husband and daughter. Strangely, her daughter does not remember anything about her best friend (Susan’s daughter, Julie) or anything about living in the place before. Secrets soon get uncovered, and the housewives will have one hell of a day in the neighbourhood trying to keep things prim and proper.

Of course, each housewife would have her own story in this season, ranging from Gabrielle’s extramarital affair, Lynette’s cancer stricken life, Bree’s own dark secrets and Susan’s encounters with the new gay neighbours (cue the NC16 rating from our friends at the censorship board).

You may ask, what spiritual connection can this reviewer feel with these Desperate Housewives? And what is it about the storyline (after four seasons) that he still find addictive?

You see, this reviewer often finds himself talking over meals and tea breaks to a few close friends, and at the end of the day, he wonders through these conversations, how many secrets are hidden amidst the loud laughter and behind the smiling faces? This is exactly the sense you get when you see the ladies sitting together sipping tea, or when they stand at the roadside gossiping about the new neighbour, or when they get together for a friendly game of charades. This dramatized reflection of life does connect with our urbanized lives to a large extent.

While some cynics are complaining that the formula of the show is getting stale after four seasons, the approach of Mary Alice Young’s (Brenda Strong) deceased character narrating the show with many quote worthy lines, it’s difficult not to find yourself wanting to find out more about the housewives’ lives, and becoming addicted to the series.

Season 5 is already showing in the States, and this reviewer can’t wait to find out whether the housewives will finally lead the happy and perfect lives they have been yearning for since Season 1.

Also, if he hopes to see a happy ending in Gabrielle’s story, because the online psychological test says that he will lead a life like hers.


This Code 3 Sizzling Secrets Edition Code 3 DVD spreads the season’s 17 episodes over five discs, and includes a rather impressive palette of bonus features which will entice the Desperate Housewife fan in you.

Audio Commentaries – Audio commentaries are included on six of the 17 episodes. In the first episode “Now You Know” of the season, creator Marc Cherry and producers Bob Daily and Jeff Greenstein talk about the things you never knew while watching the show. Did you know that Edie’s suicide in the finale of Season 3 began as a joke because the network wanted something juicier than Bree’s fake pregnancy? Did you know that Felicity Huffman almost wanted to shave her head for the show until her hairdresser told her how long it would take for her hair to grow again? Did you know that for one barbeque scene, not everyone shows up on the same day on the same set? The commentaries are so enjoyable we laughed together with the commentators while listening to their engaging conversations – we really did.

Getting Desperate: From Beginning To End – The 27 minute feature is an informative behind the scene look at what happens at different stages before lucky viewers get to see a completed episode on screen. We see what happens at pre production meetings, we see cars being hauled into the air before dropping onto the road, we see the orchestra performing the music score, and we see Brenda Strong (Mary Alice) recording her poignant narrations.

Spare Time: Hanging With The Men of Wisteria Lane – In nine minutes, see how funny the male cast is as they talk about how easy their jobs are because everyone is focusing on the housewives, how they have bonded on set, and how they do not know which day they may be killed off in the show. This segment is shot at a bowling alley as the men cheekily chat over a bowling game. A very innovative approach, we say.

Cherry Picked: Creator Marc Cherry’s Favourite Scenes – There are six scenes in the segment with optional commentary. In one of them, Cherry tells you how the “Trick Fork” scene in “Now You Know” is silly fun at its best when Bree gets a fork in her fake belly, and how it reminds him of his sitcom days.

Alternate Ending - The two minute alternate ending is, well, a different take on things and we won’t reveal any spoilers here in fear of incurring the wrath of fans who haven’t watched the entire season.

Deleted Scenes – There are 12 deleted scenes totaling 11 minutes. Most of them were deleted for time, and we aren’t really missing much here.

Bloopers – Five minutes of bloopers are included here. Edited to an amusing music accompaniment, watch how Felicity Huffman tries to turn her husband on in a redhead wig, how Marcia Cross fumbles her lines, and how Nicollette Sheridan can’t blow her candle out.


The disc’s visual transfer is wonderfully crisp and clear, while there are English, Portuguese and Spanish audio tracks to choose from.



Review by John Li


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This review is made possible with the kind support from Scorpio East


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