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Genre: Drama/Mystery/Sci-Fi
Starring: Matt Dallas, Marguerite MacIntyre, Bruce Thomas, April Matson, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Chris Olivero, Kirsten Prout
Rating: PG (Some Sexual References)
Year Made: 2007




- Alternate Pilot Episode
- "Endgame" Extended Episode
- Kyle Declassified




Languages: English/Spanish/Portuguese
Subtitles: English/Chinese/Bahasa/Thai/Malay/
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Running Time: Disc 1: 175 mins Disc 2: 174 mins Disc 3: 87 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Scorpio East




Who is Kyle XY?

When a teenage boy with an extraordinary abilities appears out of nowhere, a kindhearted social worker and her family are the only people to offer him a home. The young man's capabilities and brillance seem to grow stronger each day but these talents are just one clue to the mystery of the boy they call Kyle and the questions are starting to grow: Where did he come from? Who is the man watching him? And who - or what - is Kyle?


"The most impressive feature of the series is undoubtedly Matt Dallas. In this past decade teen-flick payola featuring young artistes that come and go faster you can say Kyle XY, Matt Dallas shines admirably in this series"

Kyle XY is ABC's sci-fi teen drama that harnesses every bit of boyish charm lead actor Matt Dallas can muster, subsequently hedging its entire bet on it. Dallas stars as Kyle, an intergalactic vagrant of sorts stranded on Earth, completely oblivious to both his past and who he is. Critics all over have referenced Roswell and Smallville - not quite appropriate in my books. Kyle XY shares the intergalactic mysteriousness of Roswell without the darker undertones and seriousness of the latter- Kyle scores rather high on the teen campiness and comedic element. Smallville is decidedly punchier in its teen factor - Welling and Kreuk representing its heavyweight, flagship quality production value. As such, Kyle XY is like a bite-sized, mish-mash of both, a cruising luxury yacht sharing much similarity to the latter two Emmy ocean liners.

Kyle is a stranded being with supernatural cognitive ability (who looks totally human except for not having a navel) but little understanding of the world he wakes up in. He is soon picked up by the police and is taken under the wing of Nicole Trager (Marguerite MacIntyre), a psychologist who finds him most beguiling (Dallas conducts a masterclass) and houses him with her family consisting of corporate white collar husband Stephen (Bruce Thomas), typically bimbotic daughter Lori (April Matson) and jock wannabe younger son Josh (Lean-Luc Bilodeau). The story essentially focuses on his interaction within the family as they, along with Kyle, slowly discover clues to his history while developing a common bond. Kyle also meets Amanda (Kristen Prout) , the sweet, unassuming girl-next-door neighbour whose character pretty clearly balances Lori's on screen cattiness and does so very well.

For most parts, Kyle XY comes across as a slower paced, less dramatic sci-fi teen drama that drives at 2nd-gear while the current trend of Heroes, Prison Break and Lost pound viewers with edge-of-the-seat scenes every once in a while. We get to experience Kyle's interaction with the world through his thoughts and narration and at times it seemed like Kyle XY was overdoing its vehicle role and pushing Matt Dallas in its teen lead role. Dallas, however, aces it. The family rarely rises above a reliable but bland supporting cast - at times scenes intended to move the viewer during critical points of the family struggling to accept Kyle's sudden appearance in their lives appear way too rushed. Plot development suffers due to the rather extravagant screen time the series affords Kyle's characterisation and development.

The most impressive feature of the series is undoubtedly Matt Dallas. In this past decade teen-flick payola featuring young artistes that come and go faster you can say Kyle XY, Matt Dallas shines admirably in this series. It is safe to say that, as Tom Welling did for Smallville, Dallas aces his carrying of this series. Dallas is uniquely successful in portraying a refreshing teen lead that is bumbling, child-like, yet effectively cute and charming. Kyle is unable to speak the human language at the start and we see the world through his thoughts and narration - his earnest, honest voice carried tempered simplicity and innocence that is so easily overdone in many disgustingly saccharinely diabetic cutesy roles. Yes, Kyle XY's lead is effectively a teen child who charms with goofy smiles and confused expressions. By the time you see him rummaging through the fridge and stuffing every food imaginable into his mouth, or when he practises kungfu with gusto while watching TV, I'm pretty sure your opinion and respect for Dallas' acting chop will have risen manyfold.

It may seem like a Dallas mega-gush but for all its worth, that's essentially what Kyle XY is. As a result, your appreciation will hinge on whether you like or appreciate Dallas and the lead character Kyle and that will be apparent by first three episodes that's almost totally Kyle-driven. For serial fans who are used to a somewhat oligarchal lead cast domination of screen time like in Heroes, Kyle XY might prove a cognitively dissonant and uncomfortable. However, such is the charming, ambling quality of the series that after the third episode, when the dramatic, Roswellian and Heroes-esque drama and suspense comes in tying Kyle's appearance to a murder in the forest - you begin to have faith Kyle XY isn't a one trick pony at all. Simply put, if you desire payoffs and rapid action in almost every episode (like in Heroes Season One and Lost), Kyle is a totally different boat. However, a quick look at the increasingly convoluted and rambling Heroes 2 and the subsequent seasons of Lost and Prison Break, Kyle XY is a timely break.

The rest stumble when the writers eventually run out of storylines / try to squeeze three episodes out of a simple subplot, one gets serial fatigue. That is when Kyle's heavily character-based and descriptive presentation presents an enjoyable experience. Its something I would watch late at night on a friday night weekend perhaps - small town, innocent hero goodness that's a good break from the traditional thumping, dramatic headline serials. Watch it for Matt Dallas and hopefully you'll be drawn to this honestly beguiling drama.

Here's one bit I had to add to give Kyle XY a fair review. Once it kicks in late in the series and, as seen from the second series, Kyle XY rocks major. A seemly deceptive slow start characterised by the enchanting soundtrack transforms into a full blown, mystery, superhero drama that blows so many things out of the water. Kyle pre-adaptation to the world and post, when he gets into his element, are two very different people and Matt Dallas truly delivers major TV-serial class. The advice is simply - do not judge Kyle XY by the first few episodes, that would be fatal. If you liked it early on like I did, wow, you're in for a treat. If it didn't quite cut it at the start, the last thing you want to do is to deny yourself of the quality that's coming up.

Dallas is just about the best on screen lead hero for sometime - its time for the Hiros in the world to surrender their katanas and truly appreciate this new hero. Who somehow looks like a young, handsome version of Robbie Keane.


Kyle XY Declassified: The Complete First Season comes with an alternate pilot episode, an extended version of a season finale and a special "Kyle Declassified" featurette along with audio commentary. At first glance this may seem little and it did to me. Yet, it without a doubt surpasses trailers and advertisements that add little value to the DVD. If by the time you get deep into the story you've turned into the Kyle XY fan, then the bonus features of this DVD surely delights the new fan in you. The alternate pilot episode makes better viewing after you've watched the entire series while the Endgame Extended Episode allows for a fleshed out season finale that's slightly more rewarding. "Kyle Declassified" features the regular bonus "secrets" content behind the series production. As one can see, its pretty self-explanatory and the features do a decent job in selling the series that much better.


Kyle Xy Code 3 DVD comes wth English, Spanish and Portuguese language options and visual is faultless.


The beginning might be a matter of acquired taste for some, but watch the show rock as it gets on.



Review by Daniel Lim


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