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Genre: Drama
Starring: Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Katherine Heigi, Sandra Oh, T.R. Knight, Isaiah Washington
Rating: NC-16 (Some Mature Content)
Year Made: 2007




- Four Un-cut Extended Episodes
- Making Rounds with Patrick Dempsey
- Shades of Grey: One-On-One with Ellen Pompeo
- Prescription for Success: Introducing Jane Doe
- Good Medicine: Favorite Scenes
- Dissecting Grey's Anatomy: Unaired Scenes
- In Stitches: Season Three Outtakes
- Audio Commentaries




Languages: English/Spanish
Subtitles: English/Chinese/Bahasa/Thai/Malay/
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Running Time: 1105 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Scorpio East




Critical conditions are plentiful in the not-to-be-missed Grey's Anatomy: The Complete Third Season - Seriously Extended. They are doctors, lovers and friends. Join the staff of Seattle Grace Hospital as they learn there are no easy cures for life's challenges and that each choice comes in shades of grey.


Can I just say this first: I am not the biggest fan of Grey’s Anatomy. And a lot of it has to do with Grey herself.

Granted, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) is a well-fleshed-out character, with this season in particular doing an excellent job of explaining her intimacy issues. But she remains largely unsympathetic, coming across as self-absorbed, self-indulgent and just plain whiney. And Meredith remains as annoying as ever in Season 3, with her breathy, little-girl-lost voiceover constantly marring the (mostly) excellent dialogue. Case in point: she gets caught between two dream men and still she’s complaining about how she wants to be pursued, damn it!

Anyway, Season 3 picks up where it left off, with the death of Izzy’s (Katherine Heigl) fiance Denny. She is left so traumatized that the opening shot of the first episode sees her almost catatonic on her bathroom floor in a prom dress. But we get over that by episode 2, so we can all focus on the really important stuff: the sex. Fans will be glad to know that there’s still plenty of people sleeping with other people, in the almost consequences-free universe that is GA (and television in general, for that matter).

One thing about the show is that there is never a shortage of eye candy for the women. Ladies will surely appreciate the dream team of McSteamy and McDreamy, not to mention the fantasy sequence where McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) and Finn (a still boyish-looking Chris O’Donnell) court Meredith, shall we say, simultaneously. And then we come to the pièce de resistance: McSteamy coming out of the shower with but a towel barely covering his family jewels. The now-departed Dr Burke (Isaiah Washington) is also a magnetic presence, and plays a pivotal role in the shocker of a season ending (which actually makes sense in light of real-life events).

The scripwriters once again come up with some great lines, especially for Cristina (Sandra Oh) (“I miss philandering whore Meredith. She was trashy and much less idyllic.”) The delicious Kate Walsh is also very good as McDreamy’s ex-wife Addison, who sadly has now been lost to the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Private Practice. And Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) adds a real note of pathos to the show with her struggle with Alzheimer’s and her troubled relationship with Meredith. But the standout storyline has to be the introduction of Jane Doe (Elizabeth Reaser), a pregnant, disfigured woman with amnesia whom Alex (Justin Chambers) rescues from a ferry disaster.

The plotline does test the limits of your suspension of disbelief though. How much emotional upheaval can these characters take? Izzie, in particular, goes from suffering the death of her fiancé, to re-discovering her 11-year-old daughter to falling in love with the most unexpected of men. The sequence where Meredith has a near-death encounter is also a little OTT, exploring a fair number of clichés in the portrayal of the afterlife. And wait till you see what happens between George (T.R. Knight) and Callie (Sara Ramirez).


The extras consist of the usual lovefest. Everybody is “extraordinary” and “phenomenal” and “staggeringly talented”. Every decision that the producers and writers makes is “inspired”. And shamefully, there is no mention at all of the Isaiah Washington controversy that eventually led to his being fired from the show (for the uninformed, he called the openly gay Knight a word that starts with ‘f’ and ends with ‘t’). Now that he’s gone, what’s wrong with discussing his contribution to the show?

Instead, we have an entire featurette “Prescription for Success: Introducing Jane Doe” dedicated to Elizabeth Reaser which raises interesting questions about how appearance is related to identity and how others relate to us a la Nip/Tuck. It’s fascinating to note that because she first appears as a disfigured individual, she would actually show up early on set and sneak into the makeup trailer so that her real face would not be seen by the other cast members.

“Shades of Grey: One-On-One with Ellen Pompeo” also tells the story of how Ellen Pompeo had heart palpitations from excessive CPR in the scenes where the other doctors are attempting to revive her. She then had to wear plastic chest plates designed for Charlie’s Angels in order to reduce the impact on her heart (if you must know, she wore Demi Moore’s). “Good Medicine: Favourite Scenes” summarises key moments in Season 3, while the deleted scenes and outtakes are pretty much ho-hum. And “Making Rounds with Patrick Dempsey” tells us all about how McDreamy just loves racing around in his car on a track when he isn’t pretending to be a doctor.


For all you Thai, Bahasa, Chinese, Malay, Spanish, Portugese and Korean speakers out there (God knows we probably have plenty of all of them in Singapore these days), Season 3 has you well-covered. The digital transfer is also sharp and crystal clear, making McDreamy look even McDreamier than usual. And surgery looks so good, you’ll be applying for medical school by the time you’re through with disc 7.


All in all, an absorbing show with pretty good acting and decent extras that is well worth getting. Plus, it ends on a (kind of) cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more. Not to mention the introduction of a major new character.



Review by Nicholas Yong


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This review is made possible with the kind support from Scorpio East


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