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Genre: Documentary
Starring: Becky Fischer, Mike Papantonio, Levi, Rachael, Tory
Director: Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady
Rating: M18 (Mature Content and Religious Theme)
Year Made: 2006




- Deleted Scenes Including Additional Ted Haggard Sermon Footage
- Directors' Commentary



Languages: English
Subtitles: English/Chinese
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Widescreen
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Running Time: 1 hr 24 mins
Region Code: PAL 3
Distributor: Origin Entertainment
Official Website:




A growing number of evangelical Christians believe there is a revival underway in America that requires Christian youth to assume leadership roles in advocating the causes of their religious movement. JESUS CAMP follows Levi, Rachael, and Tory to Pastor Becky Fischer's "Kids on Fire" summer camp in Devil's Lake, North Dakota, where kids as young as 6 years-old are taught to become dedicated Christian soldiers in "God's army." The film follows these children at camp as they hone their "prophetic gifts" and are schooled in how to "take back America for Christ.".


It’s already a well known fact that living in multi-racial Singapore, you’d probably have to be very careful with anything that may create unrest amongst the different races and religions here. While we are not the most knowledgeable people to talk about religion, we will try our very best not to offend any particular party (in this case, the evangelical Christians) in this review. The last thing we would want happen is for my esteemed webmaster to get infuriated because readers boycott the site because of insensitive reviewers like me. Whether this DVD will fly off shelves here in Singapore, we shall wait and see.

Okay, we shall stop avoiding touchy the issue and get on with this. In America, while some kids happily go to summer camp to have the time of their lives, there is a group who go to Devil’s Lake, North Dakota to attend the “Kids on Fire” summer camp. The Oscar-nominated documentary follows three preteens as they are prepared to propogate the community’s religious and political intentions when they grow up.

If you are not an evangelical Christian, watching this 87-minute documentary will expose you to the shocking and disturbing world that is religiously extreme in nature. It is without a doubt that directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady have agenda to push. It’s almost horrifying to see these young six-year-olds become spokespeople for the religious movement.

There are scenes of kids speaking in tongues, tears rolling down their small faces, faithfully pledge their allegiance to the Bible and enjoying Christian rock and roll. It makes you think how these kids are different from other kids. Had they not been indoctrinated into this following, would their lives involve more of spider catching in the open fields? Would their lives not be so influenced by religion which will probably shape their future? It’s almost upsetting and alarming to know that this is actually happening out there.

Then there is the political part that found its way into the documentary. You see sessions where political figures (in the form of amusing cut-out cardboard pieces) being involved in the sessions. And presto, religion and politics have interestingly fused together to attain other objectives.

It is difficult to find this documentary objective, but there is nothing wrong here, because the filmmakers have created a very informative and unique standpoint which sheds light on the world non evangelical Christians may never know about. In one very disconcerting scene as the documentary ends, we see a girl walk up to three men and ask them whether they know where they’d go after they die. They reply “Heaven” and the girl asks them whether they are sure. They reply with a firm “Yes” and the girl walks away and mutters “I think they were Muslim”.



This Code 3 DVD contains a Director’s Commentary where Ewing and Grady talk about how the camp leader Becky Fischer makes for a great documentary subject because she has a three dimensional character and has no bars held about her faith. They also talk about the supernatural and militaristic nature of the faith which can be rather touchy and sensitive to deal with. Interestingly, these two filmmakers do not go on yakking like many of the other audio commentaries we have heard. There are also 15 Deleted Scenes where we hear more extreme interviews (one says that speaking in tongue is a gift), and see more scenes of the preteens in their religious sessions.


We have no complaints about the disc’s visual transfer, and is presented in its original English soundtrack.



Review by John Li


. Jesus Camp (Movie Review)

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This review is made possible with the kind support from Origin Entertainment


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