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Artistes: Various
Chop Shop/Atlantic
Release Date: October 16, 2009



Meet Me On The Equinox - Death Cab For Cutie (3:44)
Friends - Bands Of Skull (3:09)
Hearing Damage - Thom Yorke (5:04)
Possibility - Lykke Li (5:06)
A White Demon Love Song - The Killers (3:34)
Satellite Heart - Anya Marina (3:33)
I Belong To You [New Moon Remix] - Muse (3:12)
Rosyln - Bon Iver & St. Vincent (4:49)
Done All Wrong - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (2:49)
Monsters - Hurricane Bells (3:16)
The Violet Hour - Sea Wolf (3:32)
Shooting The Moon - Ok Go (3:18)
Slow Life [with Victoria Legrand] - Grizzly Bear (4:21)
No Sound But The Wind - Editors (3:48)
New Moon [The Meadow] - Alexandre Desplat (4:09)


We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is something we have to state upfront: You won’t be hearing Edward Cullen’s, oh sorry, we mean, Robert Pattison’s voice on this soundtrack album to the phenomenal second movie of the Twilight series. While the ultra popular heartthrob contributed a track in the first album, he is sorely missed on this one. But do not worry, in his place is a collection of 14 uber cool songs performed by some of the coolest artistes in today’s music industry.

And do take note, the below review is primarily dedicated to female fans of a certain vampire whom we shall refer to as Mr. Cullen

Kicking off the 57 minute compilation of songs is American Grammy nominated indie rock band’s "Meet Me On The Equinox". The idea of sharing a moment with Mr. Cullen on an equinox is romantic, and this spirited tune will enhance that image very aptly. Radiohead’s Thom Yorke’s "Hearing Damage" evokes images of hypnotically rocking moments with Mr. Cullen, so it will appeal to fan girls all over the world. With her unique voice, singer songwriter Anya Marina croons "Satellite Heart", making you wish that you were sitting beside Mr. Cullen on a rooftop, admiring the moonlight while his pale complexion glitters in the dark.

Elsewhere, we have indie folk singer Bon Iver & St Vincent’s "Roslyn", a soothing tune that makes you wish you were holding hands with Mr. Cullen while strolling along the lonely beaches. Alternative rock band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s "Done All Wrong" is a melancholic track which you wish Mr. Cullen would be singing to you while strumming a guitar, while rock band OK Go’s "Shooting the Moon" is a somewhat joyful track which you’d want to skip along to with Mr. Cullen. The album is rounded up by composer Alexandre Desplat’s romantic "New Moon (The Meadow)", which is the only score track on this album.

As you can see, we seem to be the ones who cannot get over the fact that Pattison isn’t heard on this soundtrack. Do pardon us while we assure you that all the music which appears on this album are original and exclusive to this soundtrack, and that should hopefully be a plus point that will make you go out there to purchase one. Besides, you can still ogle at Pattison’s handsome features on the album cover.


Recommended Track: : (6) Satellite Heart – Anya Marina

Review by John Li

Posted on 15 November 2009

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