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Established in 2004, totally self-funded, independent and without any affiliation with any major media corporations in Singapore, movieXclusive.com is grateful to all the readers and partners for their support to our humble website which has grown gradually over the years.

As a matter to why or how we started? Back then, there were already countless movie websites on the internet mainly based in the States or elsewhere, we just want Singapore to have our very own. That's why movieXclusive.com is set up for fellow movie buffs (liked ourselves) to be informed of the latest happenings in the movie world be it locally and international scenes. In addition, movieXclusive.com also serves as a communicative tool for local movie distributors, dvd distributors to promote their movies and products to the movie buffs here.


To reach us, simply send an email to: [email protected]
Interested in advertising on our website or if there are any broken links or incorrect information? Just drop us an email. It's as simple as that. Remember, we are just an email away.


Of course you can. We welcome people with endless passion for movies to join us as voluntary Columnists, Web Designers and Programmers. Simply, drop an email to the above email address. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Till then, Happy surfing!


Our reviews are mentioned and featured in The Straits Times and Today:

Crying Out Love In The Centre Of The World
Napola- Hitler's Elite
As It Is In Heaven

Blood & Bones
Singapore Dreaming
A Battle of Wits

Covers of Code One DVDs:

Fortissimo Films
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Our articles/write-up are also featured in:
Hip Alliance


Amped Asia is a site for Asians, especially Asian Americans, to connect to their lifestyle and culture. It's important for Asians not to lose their identity, especially since it is so easy to get caught up in other lifestyles and cultures. The site was created by a small group of Asians that have wanted to expand the popularity of the Asian culture and media.
HIP stands for Honour Intellectual Property. The HIP Alliance is a group of Government agencies, private organisations and industry associations with a common interest in pursuing the need for education on IP. In partnership with the IPOS, the HIP Alliance is teaching people to respect and reward original creative works by Saying No! to Piracy. By urging Singapore to Saying No! to Piracy, the HIP Alliance and IPOS are encouraging people to Be original, Be Creative, Be HIP and Live for Real. We are proud to announce that Moviexclusive.com is now the proud member of the HIP Alliance.
HomePal is one of the first company in Singapore dedicated in providing unlimited movie online rentals through the mail. This is a membership based service and prides itself on customer service. To know more, just visit their website by clicking on their logo.

Cinenow is the first and leading owner, distributor and operator of high-tech automated movie rental systems in Singapore. Their network of movie rental machines can be found across the island. To know more, please click on the logo to access their website.

starwars.sg: The other side of the galaxy
Click on the logo to access the home base of the Singapore Star Wars fans.


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