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Artistes: Various
Release Date: August 25, 2009



Kiss With a Fist - Florence and the Machine (2:04)
New Perspective - Panic at the Disco (3:47)
Teenagers - Hayley Williams (2:05)
New in Town - Little Boots (3:16)
Finishing School - Dashboard Confessional (3:25)
Through the Trees - Low Shoulder (5:04)
Time - Cute Is What We Aim For (3:57)
I Can See Clearly Now - Screeching Weasel (2:17)
Chew Me Up and Spit Me Out - Cobra Starship (3:57)
Toxic Valentine - All Time Low (2:52)
I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You- Black Kids (3:37)
Death - White Lies (5:00)
Celestial Crown - The Sword (1:58)
Little Lover's So Polite - Silversun Pickups (4:59)
Ready for the Floor - Lissy Trullie (4:00)


With sexpot Megan Fox looking longingly at us on the album cover, how can we concentrate on writing this review? But with alternative rock band Florence + The Machine’s kick ass opening track “Kiss with a Fist” taking off the teen soundtrack album, we managed to remain composed and focus on listening to the 15 songs on this 52 minute disc, and making a sense of how these tracks are a better substitute to spending a weekend afternoon fantasizing about Fox’s, oops, we mean Jennifer’s Body (that’s the title of the horror comedy in case you don’t know already).

In what most people refer to as “soul inspired indie”, the opening track of this soundtrack is an attention grabber. The playful tone of the song is apt for the movie which is made to bank on Fox’s sough after sex appeal. Las Vegas based rock band Panic! at the Disco’s “New Perspective” then comes along and sets a teenage angst mood, never once leaving the idea that Fox has a great attraction to most male species.

Rock band Paramore’s lead vocalist and keyboardist Hayley Williams then takes over with “Teenagers”, a song which will remind you of the radio friendly songs you often hear on radio. This, of course, is an apt inclusion on the soundtrack about the deliciously attractive young girl played by Fox, who is a devil in disguise. The highlight of the disc comes in the form of English electropop musician Little Boots’ “New In Town”. The catchy song makes us want to go along for a car ride with the gorgeous Fox – we’d have so much fun.

The rest of the soundtrack spoils us with pleasant songs like emo acoustic rock band Dashboard Confessional’s “Finishing School” (this one is a sure win inclusion in a teenage girl’s mobile music player), pop punk band Cute is What We Aim For’s “Time” (this one is dripping with independent spirit) and synth pop band Cobra Starship’s “Chew Me Up & Spit Me Out” (a very apt song title for this monster movie).

Arghh – try as we might we cannot take out our minds off Fox’s longing stare on this soundtrack album cover. The music, as varied as it is, almost becomes secondary. We are left wondering – why don’t Fox contribute a song to make this collection complete?


Recommended Track: : (4) New In Town – Little Boots

Review by John Li

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