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Genre: CG Animation
Director: Brad Bird
Starring: Brad Bird, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Lee, Craig T. Nelson
RunTime: 2 hrs 1 min
Released By: Buena Vista International
Rating: PG

Opening Day: 18 Nov 2004


The next animated blockbuster from the creative minds at Pixar animation studios. This film's story revolves around the dysfunctional family problems that come up when everyone works together as a superteam called the Incredibles. Specifically, the Incredibles are a family of superheroes trying to live a quiet life in the suburbs (placed there by the Witness Protection program to hide them from one of their supervillains) who find themselves called into action to save the world, led by the pater familias, Mr. Incredible, whose better days as a superhero appear to be behind him.

Movie Review:

In the animated World of "The Incredibles", superheroes are viewed as misfits of the society. Most commoners hate them for causing damages to their body and properties which arises from the process of their heroic act. Pressured by the numerous legal claims and protest from the public, the government have to force these superheroes to lead an anonymous existence, restricting them from using their super powers ever again. No prize for guessing why these heroes quietly obliged to the politicians even though they could easily crushed them flat like pancakes!

Though the days of heroism and glory are over for these super humans, nevertheless they are still hoping for a come back. Mr Incredible, now known as Bob Parr, spends his days for the past 15 years as an insurance claims agents until a suspicious message requested for his super abilities again. Unaware of the death-trapped that lie ahead of him and his family, the now overweight Hero gladly obliged to the assignment.

As in the case of humans, our heroes in the movie are not perfect either. Bob Parr, though blessed with unlimited strength, is actually an egoistic and self-centered man who is more concerns with "showing-off" his heroisms than caring for his family. When restricted from using his power, he behaved like a no-life, unmotivated and frustrated family man waiting for the end of his days.

Fortunately, his spouse, Helen Parr (earlier known as Elasticgirl) is not only a diligent and responsible wife but also a caring mother who looks into every single chore in the family. Her strength lies not in her "super-flexible" ability but the love she has for her husband and kids. Her motherly nature had makes her more than a superheroine she used to be. However, like all overly protective mothers, she has left some negative impact on her children, who equally possess super powers.

The eldest daughter of the family, Violet Parr, become unsure and even ashamed after been constantly reminded by her mother to restrict the use of her invisibility and protective shield. Choosing to always remain on the sideline, peeking at her dream guy, she bears the closed resemblance to many teenage girls, who are always very defensive and conscious about their looks in the process of turning into a woman.

Dash Parr, the eldest son of the family, turns frustrated and rebellious after been constantly reminded by his mother to "blend in". Dash, like his name suggested, could run like lightning! Watch out for his "dashing across water" feat, which could have been inspired by Jet Li and Donnie Yen sparring on water-surface scene in Zhang Yimou's movie, "Hero". Dash is like early-school boys, who are mischievous, hyperactive and eager to prove himself.

The only "normal" person of the family who does not bear any super power - yet, is little Jack-Jack. Like most baby, the cute and loveable Jack-Jack's plush toy could well be the hottest pursue in the toys department from now on even though he only appear in less than a minute (in total) in the movie. Watch out the "Hellboy" feat he pulled off in the finale. Simply wicked! Simply hilarious!

Other than the Incredibles, we see other superheroes like Frozone (with ability to froze anything in his way), Baddie Syndrome (superheroes' gears inventor), and of course the comical Edna "E" Mode (superheros' suits designer).

Mr Incredible reminds us of "Superman" performed by the late Christopher Reeves (1952 - 2004), a true man of steel in real life where he fought hard, under near total paralytic-conditions, as the inspirational Chairperson for the research to the cure to paralysis organization under his name. Though he is now gone, his tireless service and heroism will always be remembered by many!

Unlike the perfect Superman, the new school of heroes in "The Incredibles" is not any one-man team but a family, with members possessing different super-abilities that when blended together, would make a powerful league! Presented by the team who created box-office gems like Monster Inc. and Finding Nemo, this is definitely another animated movie not to be missed!

To the team at Pixar Animation Studios: SEQUELS PLEASE!!

Movie Rating:

Review by Leosen Teo


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  Publicity Stills of "The Incredibles" (Courtesy of Buena Vista International)

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