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Genre: Comedy
Starring: Robin Williams, Christopher Walken, Laura Linney, Jeff Goldblum, Lewis Black
Director: Barry Levinson
Rating: PG (Some Sexual Humour)
Year Made: 2006







Languages: English/LA Spanish/Thai/
Brazilian Portuguese
Subtitles: English/Thai/Korean/
Cantonese/Brazilian Portuguese/Mandarin
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Running Time: 1 hr 55 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Berjaya HVN




Robin Williams plays Tom Dobbs, a comedian who made it to the top by telling it like it is. When he decides to run for president to unleash his trademark comic rants on the powers that be, something extraordinary happens - he wins!


Everyone has hits and misses. Robin Williams was a hit as the voice of the hilarious Genie in the successful animated feature Aladdin (1991). Then he had an embarrassing role as a costumed kid show host in Death To Smoochy (2002).

For director Barry Levinson, he had hits like the critically-acclaimed Good Morning, Vietnam (1987) and Rain Man (1988). Then with his latest work, he marks his filmography with a miss.

Williams stars in this comedy-drama-romance-thriller about a political talk show host who surprises the nation by winning the presidential election. Conspiracy theories and scheming plots are then introduced where the voting system may have been faulty due to a computer glitch.

This sounds like an interesting plot, but Levinson, who also wrote the screenplay, decides to inject too many things into a somewhat visually-uninteresting movie. Williams’ one-liners are funny, but get formulaic after a while. The dramatic element sets itself up nicely momentarily, but becomes predictable in its third act. The thrilling elements are not the movie’s strongest point - and let’s not even talk about its romantic vibes.

The reliable Laura Linney plays Williams’ situational love interest, and no thanks to the funnyman’s unserious persona, their relationship feels distant and disengaging.

But to be fair, Linney’s performance is noteworthy. Look out for the scene where she was drugged and suffers a breakdown in the staff canteen. It had us sit up for a while during this 115-minute picture.

There are also sturdy performances from Christopher Walken (Catch Me If You Can, Wedding Crashers), Jeff Goldblum (Independence Day, Igby Goes Down) and a fitting scene-stealing Tina Fey playing herself.

We wouldn’t be too worried if we were Levinson though. Like we said, everyone had their hits and misses. Walken wouldn’t want to be reminded of his role in Gigli (2003), and Goldblum probably wouldn’t be too proud of his involvement in Holy Man (1998) too.


This Code 3 DVD no extra features – not even a theatrical trailer.


The disc’s visual transfer isn’t anything to shout about, considering there is nothing very pretty about the movie in the first place. There are optional English, Spanish, Portuguese and Thai audio tracks.



Review by John Li


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This review is made possible with the kind support from HVN Berjaya


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