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Genre: Comedy
Starring: Jack Black, Hector Jimenez, Peter Stormare, Ana de la Reguera
Director: Jared Hess
Rating: PG
Year Made: 2006



- Dinner And A Commentary by Jack Black, Jared Hess and Mike White
- Detra's de la Camara
- Jack Black Unmasked
- Lacha Libre
- Hecho en Mexico
- Moviefone Unscripted with Jack Black and Hector Jimenez
- Deleted Scenes
- Jack Sings
- Promo Spots
- Photo Gallery
- Easter Eggs



Languages: English, Thai
Commentary Subtitles: English, Korean
Subtitles: English, Korean, Thai, Cantonese, Mandarin
Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.78:1
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Running Time: 1 hr 32 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: HVN Berjaya




Jack Black is more hilarious than ever as Ignacio, a monastery cook who feeds orphan children by day and by night transforms himself into Nacho Libre, a notorious Luchador in stretchy pants. Spurred on by Esqueleto "The Skeleton", a street peasant turned sidekick, Nacho challenges Mexico's most fearsome wrestlers as he fights to save the children and win the affections of Sister Encarnacion, his inspiration and forbidden love.


After watching the side splitting funny Jack Black’s Tenacious D and after hearing from a friend who had met a guy that laughs non-stop at Nacho Libre, my expectation for this movie went pretty high. But after viewing the movie, the only good thing that I felt about Nacho Libre was that I didn’t watch it in the cinema.

Nacho Libre’s brand of humor is rather abstract and while it might have it appeal to a few, it will most likely miss the spot with the rest. It’s a form of cold joke where the funny is in being the unfunny.

Besides having jokes that are rather hard to grasp, quite a few of the jokes were done to death before. Let’s cite a few examples here and check if you seen them before. Guy wants to impress girl, get into fights with people that was supposedly hired but turned out to be the wrong group and get into plenty of trouble? Or how about assuming that someone had just “passed” on, only to discover that person is very much alive? If you don’t like to rewatch jokes that should been buried with a heavy tombstone on it, these moments will feel like a super long drag of time.

If it’s any consolation for watching this movie, it would have to be Ana de la Reguera as Sister Encarnacion. She is the rain for the long drought of unimpressive events going on in the movie. Admiring her angelic beautiful looks, it makes watching Nacho Libre less painful and worth enduring for.


There’s a whole lot of making of featurettes in this special extra for this movie.

Detras de la Camara, the first and longest featurettes in this Dvd. While there are some interesting tidbit information about the film and behind the scenes, this making off was all over the place and you won’t know what’s next.

Dinner And A Commentary by Jack Black, Jared Hess and Mike White
- The first time I came across a bunch of folks presenting their comments while having dinner. You can either take it as it’s the most layback Commentary around or the most lack of respect for their own film. It’s pretty dry humor like the movie and nothing much to interest those who weren’t interested in the film in the first place.

Jack Black Un Masked! Is a more polish and more structured look behind the scenes. This segment also does a lot to promote this movie’s story and characters that felt that it could have been a special segment on Nickelodeon Channel.

Lucha Libre
took a short look into the Mexican wrestling phenomenon that tries to dissect it’s uniqueness compared to wrestling elsewhere.

Hecho en Mexico covers the working experience with the Mexican crew and cast in this movie.

Lastly, there’s Moviefone Unscripted with Jack Black and Hector Jimenez that got both actors interviewing themselves with some of their own questions and viewers’ questions. The questions covers from what went on during the filming, some imaginary ones on what could they do next with the film and some questions on their personal preferences.

Jacks Sings - Not surprising, there is a segment that specially assigned for a showcase of Jack Black’s singing and songwriting talent. For those who are not aware, Jack Black is one half of the rock group Tenacious D whose songs are riotous funny. Here we see the Jack Black practicing and performing two of the songs that were featured in this movie, La Cancion De Ramses and La Cancion De Encarnacion.

Deleted Scenes -
Three deleted scenes here that do not come with any explanation why they were left from the final cut. The first segment that got cut was The Way of the Eagle which details how Nacho learned of the mystic power that could help him stop suffering defeats from wrestling matches. It runs 9 minute long and it’s one of the longest deleted segment on a Dvd.

The next two deleted segments were pretty short. The second segment, Poem for Ramses features a presentation of rather weird poem to Nacho’s archenemy and the last deleted segment, Ramses Gets Jumped featured a sneak attack on Ramses at a graveyard.

Promo Spots - There are three promo spots that were featured on television program that are available on this Dvd. History of Heroes which uses black and white gladiators montage as a comparison with this masked Mexican wrestler, He Fights which feature the normal advertising for Nacho Libre and Action Figures which a fake toy advertisement was created to promote this film.

Photo Gallery -
There are 3 sets of photo stills in this special feature. There are photo stills of events that took place on set, Luchadores (at the wrestling matches and other wresters) and Nacho Especial that consist of special photos taken for this movie.

Easter Egg -
Yup! That an Easter Egg in this Dvd! That the good part! The bad part it’s just as unfunny as the movie. You can find the Easter Egg right under the Commentary option. There might look like there’s nothing there but just press down after highlighting the commentary option and wah la! An Easter Egg!

Here we get Jack Black and director Jared Hess exchanging variation of high fives and the Jack Black who kept lamenting about the one high five that didn’t really get connected.


The film is presented in 5.1 English and Thai soundtracks and comes with Cantonese, English, Korean, Mandarin and Thai Subtitles.



Review by Richard Lim Jr


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