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Genre: Action
Starring: Lam Ka Tung, Andrew Lin, Kristal Tin
Director: Herman Yau
Rating: NC-16 (Some Violence)
Year Made: 2007



- Making of
- Trailer



Languages: Chinese & Cantonese
Subtitles: English/Chinese
Aspect Ratio: -
Sound: -
Running Time: -
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Scorpio East




People in Walled City are involved in underground activities, mainly prostitution, gambling, and drugs. The only rule in the city is not to get involved in others' business, a place with "nobody's business". However, two men barged into that restricted zone- a car crashed into Walled City, and the driver died on the spot. Two men, who are handcuffed together, crawl out of the car soaked in blood and collapse, while a mysterious person witnesses the whole incident.


Chances are that if you are familiar with the name; Herman Yau, you are probably aware of his body of works that make him famous (or in his case, infamous) for. His cult classic “The Untold Story” (aka that famous human flesh bun movie) and “Ebola Syndrome” (aka that mutating virus that infected Hong Kong) had left a memorable dent in the Hong Kong film industry’s long history of movie with it’s exploitive / gruesome / seedy signature that created a new Category 3 genre for other film makers to reproduce (or copy).

With Chaos, it seems that the Director Herman Yau was trying to reclaim his past glories by making this film that explores the notion of a futuristic prison (which felt like it was copied by films like Christopher Lambert’s Fortress) except that it’s run by the prisoners and they are housed by within tall walls.

In all honesty, the premise of Chaos does have it’s potential as an enclosed slums that governed by the worst of their lot. It could really push the limits in the exploitive / gruesome / seedy genre but in turn, this film chicken out and decided to play it boringly safe (hence the NC 16 rating).

Computer generated blood that’s were splattered all over and clean exploding body parts (that left very little remains ) were so tame on the gross factors that instead of turning the viewers head away in disgust, they were comedic enough to be chuckle at.

Trying into instill some dark disturbing materials, this film dabble on socially unacceptable behaviors such as public blowjobs and incestuous relationship. The result felt rather amateurish and uneventful as Chaos played it safe and worked within acceptable boundaries.

Beside playing it safe, the concept and presentation of the walled city in the future looked very cheaply done constrained by financial limitation of this film. Although computer generated effects are being used here, there aren’t any scene to depict the grandeur of the wall that surrounds the city. Might be a minor complaint to some but personally, it just lessen the credibility of this story.

This film also failed to make it believable that it’s hard to get out of this Walled city as the characters of this film had been trying to tell the viewers repeatedly. Right from the start, when the police car easily bash through the walls and started the whole mess (or the story if you prefer), it makes one wonder how come a Walled city could be so easily penetrated. I’m aware that Crow (the self appointed leader of this walled city) had tagged the walled city citizen with an explosive device to prevent escapes but it makes one wonder why would he want to do that?

With such an easily penetrable prison that the government had already washed their hands off, why would the leader of such “chaotic” group keep his people under a leash? Wouldn’t the unruly crowd turn munity on this leader of theirs a long time ago?

The film maker might be trying to make some political statement with Chaos but somehow the message didn’t get through. From the making off segment, the director explained that the walled city concept was taken from the actual Kowloon Walled City which actually harbored criminals and the other undesirable citizen of society. But what was special back in the past wasn’t translate well to build this “chaotic city” of the future. There are far too many loopholes that the writer didn’t consider and tagging the prisoners with explosive to build the world of anarchy made it even worse.

Personally, there’s only a couple of things that shone through in Chaos and one of them would be the performance of Lam Ka Tung. In the midst of unbelievable love affair, over acted psychotic mother and daughter, it was Lam Ka Tung’s cynical selfish low life persona that leaves a credible mark in Chaos.

The other highlight of Chaos would be the ambiguity of the identity the two survivors from the car crash. There a certain fun factor in this movie that kept the audience guessing the real identity of the criminal and the cop. Even though the identity became clear early in the movie, the ambiguity was extended on the criminal daughter which had it’s unexpected bonding that was mildly entertaining (in a incestuous way).

With hardcore movies like Dog Bite Dog that offers a more realistic nihilistic world without chickening out, it’s sad to see Herman Yau’s Chaos attempting to take on the world of anarchy but backed out in such a cowardly and illogical manner.


Making of

This 10 minutes 59 seconds feature started with the director explaining the Chinese title of Chaos (which could be literally translated as 'Three Don’t Cares') and it was taken from the old Hong Kong history where the Kowloon Walled City was relatively left untouched by the three authorities (namely the Hong Kong police, Main land China and Britain).

Beside that interesting information about this film, the making off soon ventures to the usual making of features where the director, the producer and the actors started talking about the characters and the situation that their characters are in. Sadly the intertwined dramatic emotions between their characters that they spoke off went unnoticed during the movie.


There's a trailer for Chaos and impressively, it comes with dual soundtracks which mean that viewers could choose the audio option between Mandarin and Cantonese. This trailer is kind of spoilish so avoid if you got spoiler phobia like me.


Chaos comes with Mandarin and Cantonese soundtracks which could be heard with 2.0 or 5.1 Dolby Digital setting. There intermittent flashing of Scorpio East Logo on the top right hand corner during the movie playback. Otherwise, no defects were noted visually.



Review by Richard Lim Jr


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This review is made possible with the kind support from Scorpio East


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