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Genre: Drama
Starring: Andy Lau, Karen Mok, Felix Wong, Lam Ka Tung, Cherrie In, Chapman To, Li Bingbing
Director: Teddy Chen
Rating: PG
Year Made: 2005

Languages: Mandarin
Subtitles: English & Chinese
Aspect Ratio: 16x9 Widescreen
Sound: Mandarin Dolby Digital 5.0
Running Time: 1 hr 29 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Scorpio East Entertainment






Twelve-year-old Kong is an unhappy child, ever since his mother’s suicide three years ago, which he blames on his father and stepmother for.

He yearns for freedom as much as he yearns for love and he believes that he can finally find peace and happiness, should be able to outgrow his treacherous father.

One unspectacular evening Kong decides to run away from home after another customary tiff with his stepmother. He chances upon an eerie old man, who claims he has a potion that can speed up the life process. As much as he would like to believe it, this is all baloney to him. So when he accidentally taints his blood with the potion, he hardly expects his fate is about to change forever...


Ever wish you could grow up as quickly as possible when you were a kid? Or the agony of not aligning with adults thinking and thought you could accomplish things far better than them? Well, Teddy Chen’s latest effort “Wait ‘Till You Are Older” is all about these so-called struggles and misery.

Our protégé, Kong is a rebellious 12-year-old kid, he has a habit of running away from home after his squabbles with his father (played wonderfully by TV veteran Felix Wong) and step-mom (Karen Mok) whom he believed to be the cause of his natural mother’s suicide. Kong sought freedom more than anything else and yearns to be an adult so that he could leave his family. A chance encounter with a weird old man in the park gave him a chance to become a full-grown adult (Andy Lau in yet another role which requires him to don heavy makeup effects). That’s where the premise of the plotline turns into a fantasy yet poignant setting.

Director Teddy Chen who is well known for such action blockbusters “Purple Storm” and “Accidental Spy” gave a wonderful touching treatment to the whole film. Without letting its makeup effects take center stage, Chen cleverly aroused the audience’s attention to the now grown-up Kong’s point of view of the dilemmas faced by the adults surrounding him including his father, his vice-principal and Miss Lee, the teacher whom he has a crush on.

Look out for Mainland renowned director Feng Xiaogang who plays the role of the weird old man. Dispensing nuggets of wisdom, which is both ingenious and wretched when you think of it in reality.

It’s fortunate that Teddy Chen didn’t cave in for a more predictable ending. Backed by a talented cast, well peppered with dry wit and a nice twist in the end. This is a simple wonderful story that deserved more than a look. The Tim Burtonsque (inspired by “Big Fish” and “Nightmare before Christmas”?) liked art visuals at the opening credits deserved a mention as well.


The dvd comes with a 10 minutes making-of feature. The most interesting thing is seeing Andy Lau enduring at least 6 hours of make-up for his role. Other than that is the usual interviews of the cast and crew.


It's pretty seldom you come across Mandarin movie with Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack on the market but this disc does. But the only bad thing is you are not given the choice to choose between Mandarin or the original Cantonese soundtrack. If not, the audio and music tracks are quite nicely done on this dvd.


For such a new production, it's not surprising there isn't any visible artefacts spotted. Colours are pretty rich and lush, dark shades are clearly defined. In conclusion, a visually satisfying experience to watch at home.



Review by Linus Tee

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