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Bruce Hershenson
80 Pages
Publisher: Bruce Hershenson (December 2005)
ISBN: 188789361X
Price: S$39.95 (Available in Borders)
Links: www.emovieposter.com




Why would we review a book full of pictures, with no text whatsoever? (The first instinct of this reviewer was: how am I going to pick out a choice excerpt?)

Why would anyone fork out 40 bucks to purchase this book full of pictures, with no text whatsoever? (The second instinct of this reviewer was: how am I going to pass a verdict on this picture book?)

Well, some of us poorer mortals dream of hanging vintage movie posters in our humble homes, but because our houses are not big enough, or simply we are not rich enough to afford an original vintage movie poster. This thin book satisfies that craving to look at something pretty, albeit they are not life-sized posters you see at theatres.

Featuring hundreds of vintage Hollywood posters from the 1930s to the present, this is about the best deal you can get in terms of owning them in one compact book (no, printing them from online websites don’t really count).

Personal favourites include the numerous Walt Disney classics posters like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1938) and Fantasia (1941). Also, check out Maggie Gyllenhaal looking like a tiger in the Andy Warhol-inspired poster for Secretary (2002).

Elsewhere, there are many posters which you may not be familiar with, but worth admiring for its old-school art work. Back then when posters did not feature glamourous pictures photoshop-ed movie stars, it was really the intricate artwork of the artists which mattered. And you can see it from the many different-styled posters in this book.

Wait, this book does have another purpose. If you decide to fork out some of your hard-earned money to get one of those lovely posters on your wall, there is information on each individual’s pricing, complete with contact details and a proper website to visit.

Hold on, since this book is the ninth volume in its series, it must act as a catalogue for some kind of auction. And upon flipping to the first page of this colourful book, it tells us that the posters were auctioned on 18 December 2005!

That adds a new meaning to vintage, if you ask us.


If you really had to know about Bruce Hershenson, the guy behind this book, below is the excerpt this reviewer found most apt in the catalogue:

"My name is Bruce Hershenson and since 1990 I have sold over 28 MILLION dollars of vintage movie posters, much of it through public auctions. In 1990 I organized the very first all-movie poster auction ever held by a major auction house and since then I organized 12 more major “live” movie poster auctions (nine more for Christie’s auction house and three for Howard Lowery auctions)."


If you don not mind paying 40 dollars for this catalogue, it does look kind of nice on your coffee table. It works just like one of those furniture and electrical appliance catalogues you get in your mail boxes. But think of how your guests will gape in awe when they visit your home – maybe it’s worth the money after all.

Review by John Li


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