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143 Pages
Publisher: People Books, Time Inc (2006)
Price: S$22.05 (Available in Borders)




When a person says a picture meant a thousand words, he or she isn't kidding.

From the writers of the popular celebrity magazine, "People" comes this 143 publication aptly entitled "People: Before They Were Stars".

Covering the stories of familiar famous faces such as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Madonna to Britney Spears, this is an easy-to-digest-perfect-for-the-train-ride book to lug around and indulge. You might know Julia Roberts as the Pretty Woman but you sure didn't know she sells running shoes before Hollywood beckons. Or the fact that George Clooney spent 10 years doing small parts before landing in ER. How about a cheesy-looking photo of a young Keanu 'Neo' Reeves baring his nipple to cheer up your day?

These plus a lot more snippets of today's hottest Hollywood stars and whole chunks of photos (from baby photos to school shots) filled this publication to the brim.

Sometimes, there isn't a need for words. Pictures can do the work.


“After Owen (Wilson) gave a reading of a script he had cowritten in college to producer James L. Brooks, he asked Brooks, "So what do you think?" Wilson told the Chicago Sun-Times. He said "It was the worst one I ever heard in my whole life."


Strictly for fans who love to know more insights of Hollywood stars. Apparently, not a good selection on your book shelf to impress your high-brow guests. It will however be a popular piece in the office or among your schoolmates.

Review by Linus Tee


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