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Dave Kehr
192 Pages
Publisher: Aurum Press (April 2006)
ISBN: 1845130995
Price: S$47.25 (Available in Borders)




The title "Exploitation Poster Art" either sounds cool or "what the hell is that?" to people but flip over the pages and it might set some innocent adolescents on the verge of fire.

Firstly, we didn't even know people in the past can be so cool. Secondly, it seems liked they tend to appreciate "art" a little more.

In a nutshell, this book features relatively unseen (to our generation) poster arts, it's apparently not about those arthouse genres but what we termed as "soft-porn" in today's era. With names such as "The Unashamed" and "Vixen!", these posters features mostly ladies with extreme well-endowned bosoms, eye-catching naughty taglines or couples in sensitive body positions.

The book marks an era whereby porn is not yet easily available on home videos and cable. And one of the best, convenient way to satisfy one's lust is to watch them on the big screen. Sounds tempting and not a bad idea after all.

While it might be a hard chore tracking those titles on video now, at least you can savour the poster images in this wonderfully compiled book.


From the foreword by the author:

“The censors and filmmakers shared one thing: a love of publicity. Soon, the two sides discovered that their's could be a mutually beneficial relationship. The clergymen and politicians could make headlines and please their constituents by loudly denouncing the immorality of the new medium; the filmmakers and exhibitors were more than grateful for the unpaid advertising that drew public attention to their wares”


Dave Kehr has written a wonderful guide to the world of exploitation genre. Despite the tempting images, the book is still not everyone's cup of tea. However on the other hand, it's the perfect fodder for the exquisite group of film lovers.

Review by Linus Tee


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