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John Wilson
400 Pages
Publisher: Warner Books (January 2005)
ISBN: 0446693340
Price: S$29.95 (Available in Borders)





There's no sumptuous food or exorbitant goody bags to give away. The annual Razzie award is no Oscars, instead you can called it a parody of the latter. Rather than honouring the year's best movies, the Razzies honour the worst.

Laughable to the audience but definitely not to the nominated cast and crew and of course the winners. John Wilson (the creator of Razzies awards) takes a humourous and satirical approach to the selected movies in the guide. Offensive no less, his breezy, tongue-in-cheek writeups will have you in stitches. Not exactly politically-correct but that's where the fun lies.

Wilson even includes Choice Chapter stops such as the following- (1994 Color Of Night); Chapter 12 ("Rose Returns"): In which Willis's weenie plays a teeny bit part.

The Official Razzie Movie Guide is the perfect book to plan your next private screening with an equally bunch of wacky film buddies, the only letdown perhaps you might have a hard time laying your hands on some of the titles.


Wilson's writing is too sarcastically wacky that I would suggest you read it in the privacy of your own room than the crowded train, here's some excerpts of his rave reviews:

On Brooke Shield's performance (in one particular scene) from 'The Blue Lagoon':

"..wait you see Shields squatting to give birth, grunting and screaming like a seriously constipated elephant until the poorly dubbed sound effect of a baby's cry is heard on the soundtrack"

On Madonna's figure in the 1992 'Body Of Evidence':

"In the unrated DVD version of the film, Madonna is clearly nude. But before you go getting excited at that prospect, be warned: This was before she got so compulsively into physical fitness- and seeing this scene's daillies may have been what convinced her to get into better shape"


There's huge coverages on classic old movies made in the 50's, 60's and even 30's. Many unknown to the lot of us here (we are pretty young actually). That perhaps is one of the major obstacle in giving full marks for this guide. But nevertheless, Wilson has the ability to abosorb you on his wry take on why these movies are up for the Razzies. If you find Oscars typical and showy, no harm taking a look at the laugh-a-minute Razzies.

Review by Linus Tee


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