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(Boku no Kanojo wa Cyborg)


Artiste: Various
Sony BMG
Release Date: July 24, 2008






The movie is about a dull university student who meets a cyborg. They start to like each other, but since she can't truly feel emotions he decides he has to leave her. One day an earthquake hits Tokyo and she saves the boy's life, discovering her own emotions in the process. Sounds romantic? The 61 minute soundtrack album is one romantic affair too, and will appeal to the die hard romantic side of you as well.

The disc consists of 20 tracks, including radio friendly hits performed by popular Japanese R & B singer Misia (her powerful vocals are put to good use in the catchy track one) and pop group Hi Fi Camp (track 5, the typical J Pop tune that can be quite a guilty pleasure to listen to). The folksy "Send" is a breathy and fresh song that makes for comfortable listening.

The rest of the album contains original score material composed by Naoki Otsubi. The composer of Crows Zero (2007) has created an apt score that captures the mood of the movie. There are futuristic sounding tracks like track 4 and track 12 which effectively makes use of grand orchestrations and techno synthesizers to evoke ultramodern images in your mind.

Then there is the abundance of romantically performed cues which make use of piano to melancholically bring to mind the human cyborg relationship between two unlikely beings. From the lyrical oboe solo in track 2, the forlorn flute solo in track 13, to the emotional strings in track 14, these tracks are perfect companions on those dreamy rainy afternoons. You just need someone beside you to enjoy the music.


Recommended Track: (11) Send

Review by John Li


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