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Michael Wallis with Suzanne Fitzgerald Wallis
160 Pages
Publisher: Chronicle Books (April 27, 2006)
ISBN: 0811849007




After all the dust has settled and after all the millions of greenback earned worldwide and after all the mixed reviews, we finally get to review this book called “The Art of Cars”.

While it’s weird to revisit one of last year’s summer blockbuster animations, it’s a fitting case of rather be late than never.

Inspired by his road trip after taking a long sabbatical accompanying his family, “Cars” is the brainchild of director John Lasseter. A tale of discovering that life is more about the journey than the finishing line in a world inhibited by talking cars with none a single human in sight.

Even with so many animation houses being setup along the way, Pixar is still the leading animation house since “Toy Story” and “A Bug’s Life” beating even the once great animation pioneer Disney (although they have since merged into one company after a long battle).

Pixar’s success can be attribute to its attentiveness to both its stories and animation techniques. If you have been an avid follower of Pixar, you wouldn’t have missed their book series. Otherwise for example in this book, you get to flip over pages of gorgeous drawings, conceptual artworks and learn how the Pixar team went into long road trips to experience and gather research for the story.

At least for the viewers like you and me, the misconception of animations being created in confined studios is dispelled.

After putting down this fantastic-looking artbook, you might have a tingling desire to follow Lightning McQueen’s journey to Radiator Springs once again.


A tribute to Joe Ranft, Head of Story at Pixar who died of a car accident in 2005 before the completion of the movie.

"In Galena, Kansas, we found a lonely old tow truck that most folks would pass by without a second glance. Our Head of Story Joe Ranft however saw beyond it's rust and broken-down parts- he saw the inspiration for the character Mater. They soon became kindered spirits. Joe gave Mater his warmth, his sense of fun, his humble and generous spirit and his capacity to see-and bring out-the best in others.

There's a piece of Joe in every movie Pixar has ever made. But Joe was truly the heart of Cars."



The perfect choice of gift for the inspiring digital artistes. Even without the flair for arts, you will still fall in love with the digital drawings and conceptual art-pieces created by the talented team at Pixar.  

Review by Linus Tee


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