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Timothy Shaner
160 Pages
Publisher: Disney Editions (May 2007)
ISBN: 1423103181
Price: S$90.95 (Available in Borders)





If there is one thing which you’d love about this book, it’d be the sheer size of it. Measuring 12.5 by 14.5 inches, it also boasts of a soft leather cover which will leave any reader agape with awe.

Like many other movie art books out there, this one spoils you with countless concept art and pencil sketches (from all three movies, no less). There is also an introduction from director Gore Verbinski about the creative process which went into the production of the movies, as well as an afterword by production designer Rick Heinrichs about the group of talented people he worked with.

In between these two pages are intricate drawings and paintings of characters, fleets, islands and scenes. We especially love the portraits of Davy Jones and his scary crew. They are so life-like that they are screaming to be hung on walls for everyone’s admiration.

Sure, there isn’t much in-depth information about the conceptualization of the production design, but the enormous pages of Jack Sparrows, Captain Babossas, Elizabeth Swanns and Will Turners will please any fans of the franchise.

You may be disappointed with the latest installment of this blockbuster based on a Disneyland ride, but you will definitely not be disappointed by this gorgeous book – if you are willing to part with almost a hundred dollars, that is.


Creating the environments for a film takes a designer on a journey. It’s usually an inner, thoughtful one but occasionally, as with Pirates of the Caribbean, the voyage is also a real one to unknown parts, the scout for locations, a real adventure whose outcome is unforeseen and possibly quixotic.


If you have to, place this book proudly on your coffee table when guests come by. Not only will they be gawking over the stunningly luxurious feel of the leather cover, they’d be gawking at the detailed artworks in one of the most exquisite concept art books we have ever seen.

Review by John Li


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