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Agent Lotus Agent Rose MAIN

Name: Katesarin Akethawatkul
Code Name : Agent Poy - San
Nickname: Nui (Plump Girl)
Characteristic Traits : Easy Going and Tomboyish
Fave Flower: Jasmine
Ideal Lover: Single Eyelid, Sporty (like her)
Fave Movie: Action Movies
Role untry: try drama
Big Break: Selected to be stunt women by Tony Jaa Group
Future projects Lineup: 3 Actions films

Looking at Nui, it's hard to imagine this demure and graceful lady is a National Tae Kwan Doe Champion that helped Thailand earn a Bronze medal in the Young Tae Kwan Doe Championship in Vietnam back in 1996.

This girl is full of surprises, specially when she shared with us that her nick name was derived from Tu Nui (meaning Fat Girl) and was given to her when she was just a young girl. Things have definitely changed since she took up martial arts training when she was 10 and she never looked back.

Surprisingly, it was just the right sport to pick up as it was tae kwan doe that propelled her into the Thailand film industries. Tony Jaa group were scouting for female actresses to perform the difficult stunts and went to her school to audition. She was one of the few that was chosen and as we all say, the rest is history.

Now an action addict, she has already found fame and recognition, specially in Japan, thru her first action film Born to Fight and she simply cannot wait for more. Beside Chai Lai Angels, there are three more action flicks that are planned in the very near future for her.

What's even more surprising was that during her tae kwan do days, she took up dancing as professional job. Two rather difficult and highly contrasting sports and yet, she managed them well. That was her secret in staying ladylike while parataking a hard and rough game like tae kwan doe.

This girl simply loves challenges, even on the aspect of potental boyfriends, she would not mind if they are playboys as she loves the challenge of making the guy fall for her, truly head over heels. Whichever types that girls steer clear of, Nui confidently proclaims that she would love to have a go at these type of guys. So watch out, playboys!

So will it be action films for her all the way ? She revealed to us that she has plans to leave the film industry eventually to become a marital arts and dance teacher. A plan that she already has in motion as currently she had already open a marital arts school on the fifth level of Siam Paragon. Do check her school out when you are dropping by Bangkok.

Report: Linus Tee | Interview: Richard Lim Jr | Photos: Lokman B S
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