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When you have three gorgeous ladies sitting right in front of you, it’s not a problem if they don’t look familiar to you nor speak our language. On this humid day at GV Grand, in conjunction with the premiere of “Chai-Lai Angels” and the opening of the Sawadee Film Festival, a press conference attended by three beautiful angels namely, Katesarin Akethavatkul, Supaksorn Chaimongkol and Bongkoj Kongmalai was held.

Never mind the mouthful names, let moviexclusive.com gives you a crash course on them and the movie before you embark on “Chai-Lai Angels” in the theaters on 24 August.

To begin with, Katesarin Akethavatkul who portrayed Agent Crown of Thorns is a full-pledged stuntwomen and professional dancer. Holy Cow! But this is a truth fact that comes straight from the horse mouth. Discovered by the Tony Jaa’s (Ong Bak) stuntman group, this tough lady who is also Thailand National Tae Kwon Do Champion successfully grabbed the eyeballs of many with her role as Nui in “Born To Fight”. And now in “Chai-Lai Angels”, she gets to perform some death-defying stunts once again.

Sharp eye viewers might recognize Supaksorn Chaimongkol from the voodoo horror thriller “Art of the Devil”. This Chiang Mai helmed petite and sweet looking gal suffered a few bruises on the head during the filming of “Chai-Lai Angels”. Despite that, accordingly no stand-in was used and she has to perform every stunts herself. Guess it’s never an easy task to portray Agent Lotus.

A prolific actress and has appeared in over 9 movies such as “The Eye 10” and Tony Jaa’s “Tom Yum Goong”, Bongkoj Kongmalai is another beauty to behold. As Agent Rose with a deadly kick, she has been in the industry since the age of 14. And weeks before the shooting of “Chai-Lai” begins, she has a torn ligament and thankfully, there were no after effects during the tedious shoot.

Although the trio is hot on the charts of their native FHM, they aren’t bend on selling their assets and traits forever. And they will insist on discussion with the producer first on the script before embarking on nudity or sexuality in movies. For those guys who are not sincere about their movies, I suggest you go elsewhere. These hotter than “Tom Yum” soup babes might look soft and lady-like but once their Angels counterpart takes over, be prepared to receive the scorn and wrath.

And is this over? To the beneficial to all the audience worldwide and our loyal readers, click on for more bios, as we go for a one-to-one interview with the Angels and not to forget, dazzling and striking photos to grace your screen as well. Review and Trailer of "Chai-Lai Angels"

Report: Linus Tee | Interview: Richard Lim Jr | Photos: Lokman B S
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