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Agent Rose Agent Poy-San MAIN

Name: Supaksorn Chaimongkol
Code Name : Agent Lotus
Nickname: Kartae (Squirrel)
Characteristic Traits : Quiet and Laidback
Fave Flower: White Lotus
Ideal Lover: Clean Shaven, Mature and Non Smoking
Fave Movie: Rommance Comedy
Role untry: Challenging Drama Roles
Big Break: Winning the "Baisu" Boy Girl Contest in 1999
Future projects Lineup: a Ghost Comedy

This hot babelicious actress hailing from Changmai got her big break back in 1999 when she took part in a teenage contest held by a milk company. Her beauty pageant continued and bagged her the ranking of 11 in Thailand FHM 100 sexiest women.

However she would rather not be labelled as a sex symbol as she felt that personality plays a bigger part and not just external beauty. She does not believe in dressing up either. Back in her hometown and during her off days, you will probably spot her in just a white tee shirt with a simple pair of jeans doing her grocery shopping or even taking a train and not the glam or revealing outfits that we have grown acustomed to on her magazine spread and movies. In short, she is still that the pleasant sweety girl-next-door that your mom would like you to bring home.

This beauty would rough it out just to pose for another perfect picture. In Chai Lai Angels, she conquered her fear for sea sports during the numerous beach scenes. Even when she was stung by jelly fishes, while other actresses were in pain, she actually found it quite hilarious. Talk about being Gung-Ho!

Still, filming for Chai Lai Angels was not exactly an easy experience for her as she was doing Chai Lai Angels and other movies concurrently and suffered from lack of sleep. That experience nearly drove her to a nervous breakdown and she often break into tears, wondering if it was worth it at all. But through it out, she endured to the end and was happy to see the end results.

There's a upcoming ghost comedy for her in the future but she's planning to give herself another 5 more years in the movie business before returning back to her studies. Fans of her do keep a close tab on her for this next 5 years because you will never know when will she be returning or if she returning to this business at all.

Fending a last question from us that was suggested by a fellow fan who posted a number of her magazine photos of her in bikini online, whether if her assets were surgially enchanced. Mildy amused, she told us that it might be due to her small body frame that makes people ponder about such questions but it is all natural. And if she ever does go for surgery, she hoped that it would be to make them smaller.

Report: Linus Tee | Interview: Richard Lim Jr | Photos: Lokman B S
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