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Agent Lotus Agent Poy-San MAIN

Name: Bongkoj Kongmalai
Code Name : Agent Rose
Nickname: Tuk (Grasshopper)
Characteristic Traits : Straightforward and Outspoken
Fave Flower: Lotus
Ideal Lover: Family Loving, Fair and Handsome
Fave Movie: Drama
Role untried: Philogpical roles
Big Break: Spotted by producers while shopping
Future projects Lineup: Comedy Drama Film title :"Up to you"

Voted as the Thailand FHM Top 10 sexiest women, you will be surprised that this humble lady thought that she will never get in as there are others who are far too prettier and sexy. *Moviexclusive thought specifically otherwise.This straightforward and outspoken beauty will let you know that she would rather spend her time as an actress than posing for the magazines or walking down the runway as a model because acting is her passion.

Her passion started when she was as young as 14 years old, while shopping in a department stores, producers of a period drama film spotted her and ask her to audition for a role in their film. Needless to say, she aced the audition and got the role. From then on, she began in the trade of acting and starred in a number of Thai films. The one role that should be most familier with Singaporeans should be the role in the recentTom Yun Goong which she played opposite Thailand mega star Tony Jaa.

She also shared with us that her favourite film was Tom Hank's Forrest Gump and especially etched into her mind was the scene where young Forrest started running, breaking away the braces that hold his legs. If there was one role that she would like to try before she retire, it would a philosphical role similar to that, playing the underdog and overcoming various life's difficulties.

But it is probably not a role or genre that the Thai movie industry would like to see her in. Nevertheless, she looks forward to starring in more credible roles in the future to hone her skills.

In case you wonder why is her nickname Tuk (Grasshopper), it was a nickname given by her mother as she got long limbs and big round eyes like a grasshopper. Her active and energetic personality also reflects that of the grasshopper's nature, always leaping for higher ground. Moviexclusive hopes that she would do the same for her career and brings us more entertainment in the future.

Report: Linus Tee | Interview: Richard Lim Jr | Photos: Lokman B S
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