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Artistes: Various
Interscope Records
Release Date: March 31, 2009



Bang - Rye Rye
G-Stro - Busta Rhymes
Loose Wires
Blanco - Pharrell
You Slip, She Grip - Tego Calderón
Head Bust
Bad Girls - Robin Thicke
Virtual Diva - Don Omar
Isla Bonita
Blanco [the Spanish Version] [*] - Pharrell


There is music which you play on your car while bringing your family (that will include the adorable toddlers) to the swanky restaurant, and there is music which you play on your car while speeding on the highway to meet your friends (that will include the alcohol swigging buddies you had since 18) at the club. This album is definitely not to be played in the first scenario, especially with the “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content” label staring at you on the cover. On the other hand, this album should be blasted on your car stereo whenever you are on one of those vroom vroom vroom rides in your too cool to be true vehicle.

The disc kicks off with “Bang” (you’d hear the title repeated many, many, many times in its 3 minute runtime) performed by American rapper Rye Rye and M.I.A. “G-Stro” performed by Jamaican American Busta Ryhmes follows the addictive track with some lean and mean hip hop beats. Ethiopan born American rapper Kenna then takes over with “Loose Wires”, showcasing some heart thumping synthesizer beats which will not please the weak hearted. The highlight of the album, “Blanco”, is performed by Cuban American rapper Pitbull with music producer singer songwriter Pharrell. This adrenaline pumping song is also performed in Spanish on another cue.

After four intensively draining hip hop songs, you’d think the album will take a breather for something more light hearted. But no, it continues to bombard you with songs performed by other rappers like Shark City Click (“Head Bust”) and Don Omar (“Virtual Diva”)Tasha (“La Isla Bonita”). Tasha’s “La Isla Bonita” concludes the album nicely with a sensual note.

If the artistes mentioned in this review do not ring a bell, then you may find it a tad exhausting to listen to all 11 tracks at one go. Give them a chance, because it is not often that we get such a hip hop filled album containing performances by a variety of artistes coming our way. Of course, if your fast and furious car journey is anything that can involve all 40 minutes of music on this album, then this is a must own.


Recommended Track:
(4) Blanco – Pitbull feat. Pharrell

Review by John Li


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