0.0MHZ (2019)

Genre: Horror/Thriller
Director: Yoo Sung-dong
Cast: Jung Eun-ji, Lee Sung-yeol, Choi Yoon-young, Shin Joo-hwan, Jung Won-chang
Runtime: 1 hr 41 mins
Rating: NC16 (Horror)
Released By: Golden Village Pictures
Official Website: 

Opening Day: 13 June 2019

Synopsis: The members of 0.0MHz, a club that analyzes supernatural mysteries, head to a haunted house in Wooha-ri to experiment on a frequency that calls on ghosts and encounter eerie events.

Movie Review:

0.0MHz is based on a webcomic of the same name. It follows the story of the members of the supernatural exploration club at a university. It is said that when the frequency drops to 0.0MHz, it’s when you could communicate with the dead. As part of their club activities, they decided to go on a trip to an abandoned house, where a mysterious ghost was spotted. There was a suicide case in that house and when the local villagers tried to drive out the ghost out years ago, the witch who performed the ceremony fell to her death. Determined to see it for themselves, they ignored warnings from a local and went on to have a stayover at the house. Geared up with all the necessary equipment, they begin their summon of the dead…

The movie begins with the ritual to exorcise the ghost in the house, which left the witch dead and villagers stunned. The key characters of the movie, So-Hee (played by Jung Eun-Ji of Apink) and Sang-Yeob (played by Lee Sung-Yeol of INFINITE) were also quickly introduced. They are both freshmen at the university, and have joined club 0.0MHz. What’s peculiar about So-Hee is that it appears that she is often ‘seeing things’, which is later unveiled in the film later as to why.

The scare factors of this film are similar to other horror films; having a mixture of jump scares, body mutilation, blood, ‘unseen force’ etc. As the film progresses, tension intensifies with the appearance of a sinister ghost but then takes a dip when a twist is introduced to the story, somewhat bringing you on a rollercoaster ride. Halfway through the movie, there seems to be an intentional steer to make the story meaningful. However, it was lacklustre as the sub-story is not directly linked to the main narrative and did not value add to the main story. 

In terms of cast, it is both Lee Sung-Yeol and Jung Eun-Ji’s debut roles in a movie. Eun-Ji nailed her role as the icy queen, giving off chilly vibes from time to time. Sung-Yeol also supported well in his role, and stood out as his side story arc came in focus.

Overall, the movie seemed to have been set out to accomplish too many things - cleverly designed CGI ghost, sophisticated story, moral teaching, tension build-up - in too little time and budget. The lackingness in various aspects do make the film come forth as a cheap, low-budget flick. But thankfully, it’s saved by some decent acting by the key cast. Perhaps what really haunts is not the spirits in the supernatural realm, but the ghosts of your past.

Movie Rating:

(While the movie is highly anticipated by the original webtoon fans, I’m not sure about the rest of us…)

Review by Tho Shu Ling


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