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Matt Groening
160 Pages
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
(March 2001)
ISBN: 006093378X
Price: S$27.20 (Available in Borders)





At the time of penning this review, I’m one of the sad few (who claim that they are fans) left who had not caught The Simpsons Movie. And it doesn’t help that the local free-to-air television channel keeps replacing the addictive series with movies and other variety shows.

Arghhh! (Other than my frustration, I just had to write that because it looks like something that will be shown in a comic speech bubble)

Which is why I had to make do with this wonderful book filled with 10 comic tales. Other than the fact that the pictures in this book are not moving images, it is as fun as the series. Read about how Springfield was divided by a wall in “Wall Or Nothing”, how Bart faced some problems in saving the world in “The 1001 Costumes of Bartman” and how Lisa’s fetish for words became a nightmare in “Lisa’s Adventure in Wordland”.

Besides the comics, the yellow family’s creator Matt Groening has included several writeups about things you’d never know about America’s favourite animated family unless you are a hardcore fan who surfs the Internet every night to do research, own all the DVD box sets and have a whole bookshelf devoted to publications featuring The Simpsons.

Did you know that Groening’s inspiration for the series came from “Dennis the Menace” (though not in a good way)? Did you know that Bart’s middle name is Jo-Jo? Did you know that Homer’s favourite movie is not “Look Who’s Oinking”, but “Look Who’s Oinking III”?

Useless but fun facts these are, but they sure made my day.


Everything I know about life: Time is money, unfortunately. Life is too short to watch reruns (except for The Simpsons, of course). Playing solitaire is its own punishment. Just because they add wacky sound effects on America’s Funniest Home Videos doesn’t mean that people in those videos don’t get injured.


You can almost see the series playing in your mind just by reading the comics in this book. It’ll make you chuckle, it’ll make you reflect about life, and it’ll make you a happy person. And don’t you want to find out why Bart’s hair is so spiky? 

Review by John Li


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