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Matt Groening
96 Pages
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
(November 2005)
ISBN: 0060748214
Price: S$21.00 (Available in Borders)





Comic Book Guy must think that I’m as cool as him.

Let’s see, in his “Pop Culture Top 40” list, he says that fast food promotional movie tie-ins are hip - I’ve got loads of those. He says that the Internet is the place where trendy people do their never-ending battle against ignorance, bad taste and continuity accuracies - I think so too. He thinks that anything with the tag “limited edition” and DVD extras are modish – Spot on!

In this madcap book filled with side-splitting pictures, silly lists and of course, the very definitive things you must do to be part of the global pop culture phenomenon, the man known simply as Comic Book Guy will entertain you with his (well, it’s really Matt Groening if you must know) wacky writing.

Part of “The Simpsons Library of Wisdom”, this small book is easy to carry around, makes you look fashionable and tells you what’s in and what’s out. From chick flicks, comic books and online dating tips to types of movie audiences, movie T-shirts and memorable movie dialogues, it’ll entertain you for hours, just to spot the little details in the intricate illustrations.

Other characters like Bart, Homer, Inspector Wiggum and Ned Flanders do make occasional appearances in this book which will definitely look cool on your bookshelf.

Comic Book Guy didn’t pay me to say all these, but I think he is one cool dude. I do not like his beer belly a lot, though.


CBG’s Dream Niche Cable Channels: Without a doubt, television is a vast, dune-like wasteland, sorely lacking in creativity, vision, and female wrestling. If only the TV genie were to appear before me, such wonders I would wreak upon the airwaves, wonders such as these cable channels, the likes of which no fan or woman has ever seen!


You may have finished reading this book once. But you’d want to read it again, and again, and again. Every time you flip through the pages, you’d be smiling, you’d be grinning, you’d be snickering. If you can, own all the books in the series. 

Review by John Li


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